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Asian Studies at LSU is an interdisciplinary minor that draws upon the resources of a wide range of departments and provides a framework for a focused study of Asia.

The goal of the Asian Studies Minor is to provide a broad background in Asian culture, language, history, and politics. It will appeal to those students who recognize the unique importance of Asia in both human history and in the flow of current events as well as the unparalleled opportunities emerging in this part of the world.

The countries and cultures of Asia present the student compellingly different models of social organization, historical development, and cultural commitments. A significant participant in the world community and home to over half of the world’s population, Asia is a region of particular importance to contemporary global society and responsible for much of the economic growth of the last few decades.

The Asian Studies Minor is intended to complement the student’s major discipline. It will allow the student to explore Asia from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and will help lay the foundation for pursuing opportunities to live and work in Asia; for obtaining employment with private firms, nonprofit organizations, or educational institutions working closely with Asian countries; and for entering graduate programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as other academic fields, including Law.

Within the Asian Studies minor it is possible to pursue four different tracks: Humanities, Social Sciences, Language, and Commerce. The Humanities and Social Sciences track offers a preparation in the history and culture of Asia. The Language track allows students to pursue a minor with special focus on Asian languages. Finally, the Commerce track is particularly designed to prepare students who plan to work with China after graduation.

The Minor offers a rewarding educational experience with a diverse set of courses in Chinese language, arts, geography, history, politics and business. The program provides you with a working knowledge of Chinese cultural environments and business practices as it prepares you to become a future leader in U.S.-China economic exchanges. Graduation with the Minor is an important credential to help you build a productive career related to China and international endeavors.

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Department of History 
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News & Events

US Election Special: Asian American and Muslim Women in Leadership.

Mayor Sadaf Jaffer, October 27, 3:00 pm


The Hong Kong Protest Movement and the Future of China
Professor Martin Dimitrov
February 28, 3 pm,
145 Coates


LSU Museum of Art
Gods & Things: Asian Art from the Permanent Collection
November 1, 2019–February 23, 2020


China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Opportunities for Louisiana
Chen Ye-sho, LSU School of Business,
November 8
3 pm in Coates 155


Glands, Insanity, Criminality, and Desire: Female “Same-Sex Love” Murder and Culpability in 1930s China
Peter Carroll, Northwestern University
April 5, 3:30 – 5:00 Coates 145


Screening & Discussion of And Then They Came for Us

October 19th 3:30-6pm Coates 145

The Dawn of Rice Farming in the Lower Yangtze River, China

March 9, 3:30pm
E130 Howe-Russell-Kniffen Geoscience Complex

Screening of Have a Nice Day (2017)
February 15, 5 pm in 103 Design Building

Book Discussion: Crazy Rich Asians
Janury18, 6 pm in 113 Allen Hall

Making Punches Count Parties, Conflict, and Legislative Brawls

Lecture: Emily Beaulieu

January 11, 2 pm in the LSU Journalism Building