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Utility Systems

Name Title Phone Email

Daryl Trudeau

Interim Director




Assistant Director – Nights & Weekends



Daryl Trudeau

Manager – Electrical Systems



Mike St Romain 

Facility Maint. Manager B – Plumbing/Pump



Steve Wilson-Lovey

Facility Maint. Manager B – Facility Electrical



Guidry, Colt

Facility Asst. Maint. Manager B – High Voltage



Robert Templet

Facility Maint. Manager A – Vet Medicine



High Voltage Electrical

The High Voltage Electrical crew is responsible for the electrical distribution system to more than 500 buildings on campus.  Electrical distribution is broken down into a 4,160 volt system and 13,800 volt system. The 4160 V system is made up of 53 feeders and over 17 miles of underground duct bank.  The 13.8kV system radial distributes power to 13.8kV/4160V substations and is 5 miles in length.   In addition to the high voltage system, this group is responsible for maintenance and repair of the street and security lighting systems throughout the main campus, as well as all other ancillary locations. The High Voltage Electrical crew assures adherence to all federal, state and local regulations regarding the operation and maintenance of the electrical utility system, specifically, requirements outlined in the National Electrical Code.  


The primary function of the Electrical Shop is to provide a safe and well lit environment for students, faculty and staff.  The Electrical Shop supplies electrical service within buildings throughout campus. The department also repairs equipment and restores power in the event of incidental power outages within buildings on the secondary side of transformers.  This department maintains and keeps operative all exit and emergency lighting.  Additionally, the Electrical Department provides pathways and wiring for all telecommunication work on campus.

SVM Maintenance

The School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) maintenance group is responsible for the mechanical, plumbing, electrical and building systems maintenance at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine complex.  This 400,000 square foot facility consists of 14 buildings, which include teaching facilities, medical clinics, a hospital containing both small and large animal operating and recovery rooms, necropsy laboratories, animal incinerators, and biomedical research facilities with biological hazard laboratories.    SVM operates seven days per week, twenty-four hours a day.  The major equipment associated with the physical plant includes: two boilers with a steam output capacity of 45,000 pounds per hour; chillers with a combined capacity in excess of 2,900 tons per hour; a 2000 KW emergency generator; more than 40 air handling units; numerous fume hoods; scientific and laboratory equipment; chilled water and condenser water pumps; cooling towers; air compressors; and vacuum pumps.  The majority of these components are controlled utilizing of a computerized Energy Management System.   The SVM maintenance group assures adherence to all federal, state and local regulations regarding the operation and maintenance of a teaching veterinary hospital and research facility.  This includes laboratories registered with the Center of Disease Control and designated as Biological Safety Laboratory Level III.


The Plumbing/Pump department is responsible for the distribution of mechanical utilities to all buildings on campus.  These utilities include:

  • Steam – Delivery of high pressure steam through four (4) miles of underground utility tunnels and direct buried piping.  Steam is used for heating and year round climate control to the majority of buildings on campus.  
  • Chilled Water - Distribution of underground chilled water for climate control of campus buildings year-round.
  • Water – Supply of both fire system and domestic potable water to all areas on campus.
  • Sewer – Maintenance of sewer collection lines and mains throughout campus to various outfalls to the City/Parish collection system.
  • Drainage – Service and maintain the stormwater drainage system.
  • Natural Gas – Operate a “Master Meter” distribution system for natural gas, distributing natural gas from the 450 psi supply point to individual users throughout campus.  

In addition, the Plumbing Department maintains all plumbing fixtures in restrooms, laboratories and kitchen areas. This department is tasked with maintaining all fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems on campus. 

The Pump crew maintains more than 2,000 pumps campus-wide.  These include: chilled water, hot water, condensate, boiler feed water, sanitary sewer, domestic, storm sewer, pool, vacuum and irrigation pumps.  The crew also maintains other equipment, such as tunnel blowers, level controls, variable frequency drives, and electrical motor starters.

Nights/Weekend Crew

The Weekend and Night Crew take care of all HVAC, electrical and plumbing issues that occur after normal working hours. The Night Crew starts their work day at 3:30 p.m. and they work until midnight Monday through Friday. The Weekend Crew works from 7:30 a.m. until midnight Saturday through Sunday, as well as during any holiday when the campus is closed.