The presence of advisors in OCR&TIX proceedings helps ensure a fair and equitable process for all parties. An advisor is a person who is present to provide support to a complainant or respondent throughout the complaint resolution process. Each complainant and respondent may be accompanied by one advisor throughout the process.  

During a hearing, parties are required to have an advisor for the purposes of conducting cross examination. The advisor may be, but is not required to be, an attorney. If an individual does not have their own advisor, OCR&TIX can provide an LSU-appointed advisor at no cost. 

What to Expect

Procedural Assistance 

  • Preparing parties for meetings and hearings
  • Assisting with organization and deadlines


  • Understanding the process, policy, laws and party rights


  • Providing comfort, validation, coping strategies
  • Guidance in navigating emotional effects of the process


  • Ensuring party interests are represented
  • Articulation of concerns, evidence and persuasive arguments


  • Conducting cross-examination during a hearing