Kate Pettrey

Instructor of Mechanical EngineeringKate Pettrey

3240C Patrick F. Taylor Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

“Dr. Kate reminds me that I CAN, in fact, do hard things.” 
 - former LSU student

Mission Statement

I use action research to work with and study student recruitment, retention, and achievement at LSU to break down barriers to enrollment, success in the program, and graduation.

Educational Background

  • PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, LSU
  • Teaching Certifications: Math Grades 4-12, Special Education (Texas)
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2003
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2002

Work Experience

  • NASA Mission Control (EECOM Group), Johnson Space Center, (Houston, TX)
  • Honeywell Manufacturing Facility (Richmond, VA)
  • Middle/High School Math Teacher (Beaumont, TX)
  • Education Instructor, Louisiana State University, School of Education, (Baton Rouge, LA)

Publications, Presentations, and Grants

  • Mathematics Education Trust (MET) Pre-K-8 Preservice Teacher Action Research Grant (2021)
  • Lastrapes, R., Pettrey, K.V., Boquet, A., & Mooney, P. (2022) What Does a Useful Practitioner Journal Article Look Like? Perceptions from Teachers. AERA Annual Meeting Presentation, San Diego CA, April 2022.
  • Pettrey, K.V., Mooney, P., & Lastrapes, R. (2022) Developing self-monitoring skills in mathematics for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Beyond Behavior, in press.
  • Pettrey, K.V. (2022) Zearn Math Curriculum Efficacy During Quarantine and a Typical Year, Upcoming NCTM Research Conference Presentation, January 2022.
  • Pettrey, K. (2021, November) Helping kids with math NOW. School of Education Best Practices. https://www.lsu.edu/chse/education/bestpractices/2021/november.php
  • Pettrey, K. (2021, October) Special Education and You, professional development seminar conducted for preservice teachers, LSU.
  • Pettrey, K. (2021, March) Error Analysis: Changing Pre-Service Teacher Grading Behavior, Paper presented at Louisiana Education Research Association, virtual conference.
  • Pettrey, K. (2021, February) What does your preschool environment teach your preschoolers about math?, Research in Progress presented at Curriculum Camp, Louisiana State University, virtual conference.
  • Pettrey, K. & Gansle, K. (2020, March) Zearn Math Curriculum Efficacy in the Elementary Louisiana Classroom: A Pilot Study, Paper presented at Louisiana Education Research Association, Lafayette, LA.