The Dr. Robert W. Courter Seminar Series

The Mechanical Engineering (ME) Seminar Series has informally existed for over thirty years since the time when Dr. Thomas W. Lester was ME Department Chair. It was formally established as a regularly occurring event in 1995 by Dr. Effie Gutmark, then Chair of the ME Department. Since 2011 it has been sponsored and sustained by ME Alumnus Mr. Sidney “Sid” E. Fuchs being re-named to “The Sidney E. Fuchs Seminar Series” at that time. Mr. Fuchs, an alumnus of the ME undergraduate and graduate programs, is a Member and Chair Emeritus of the MIE Board of Advisors and ME Industry Advisory Council, and an Executive in Residence in the MIE Department and College of Engineering. 

In 2019, Mr. Fuchs graciously decided to dedicate this seminar series to his former graduate adviser and mentor, Dr. Robert “Bob” W. Courter, to honor him for his life-long mentorship of students and his significant contributions to the LSU Mechanical Engineering Program and the profession. Thus, the seminar series was renamed to “The Dr. Robert W. Courter Seminar Series”.

The series brings a broad variety of distinguished speakers from academe, government and industry to the Department for the benefit of the students and the faculty. 



Charles Meneveau
Sarah Bergbreiter
Yonggang Huang
Daniel Kuroda
Amit K. Naskar
Les Butler
Veronica Eliasson
Dedication of Seminar Series to Dr. Robert W. Courter

Spring 2019

Kevin McPeak
James Spivey
Jian Wang
Ajay Malshe
Bruce K. Gale
Utkan Demirci

Fall 2018



Pramod Reddy
Jerry Wascom
Dan Haworth
Jim Williams
Guruswami Ravichandran

Spring 2018

Mirko Gamba
David C. Wisler
Xiaoming ''Shawn'' He
Yang Mu
Karl Graff

Fall 2017


Kevin M. Miller
Yip-Wah Chung
Michael F. Doherty
Anthony J. Marchese
Harry J. Whitlow 

Spring 2017

Jerry Qi
Yanwen Zhang
Angel A. Martí
Keith A. Gonthier
Sunggook Park

Fall 2016


 Stephen Moret
Nikhil Gupta
Harry Levinson
Joseph Powers
Jian Cao
Matthew Oehlschlaeger

Spring 2016

Harry Radousky
Warren Oliver
Sarah Cox
Olivier Desjardins
Diana K. Grauer

Fall 2015


Mohammed "Mo" Dehghani
Leonardo Golubovic
Jos Derksen
Tianfeng Lu
Alptekin Aksan

Spring 2015

Panagiota Angeli
Emmanuel "Manos" Maragakis
Jian Gan
David C. Wisler
Eric L. Petersen
Ingmar Schoegl

Fall 2014


Martin E. Poitzsch
Derek Dunn-Rankin
David W. Hahn
Walt Baxter
James Rocha
Francisco Hung
Madhava Syamlal
Adam Baran

Spring 2014

Leigh McCue
Andrea Prosperetti
Forrest Ames
George Em. Karniadakis
Madhusuden Agrawal & Yasir Bugrara
Dorel Moldovan
Shengmin Guo
Ying Wang
Michael J. Martin

Fall 2013


 James E. Hubbard Jr.
Andrew Burstein & Nancy G. Isenberg
Sidney E. Fuchs
Steven J. Zinkle
James Rocha & Edward Song
Keith Comeaux
Robert Kee
Mario A. Rotea
Jamahl Overstreet

Spring 2013

Marco E. Sanjuán
John R. "Jack" Howell
David Carver
Keith Comeaux
Muhammad A. Wahab
Ramachandra Devireddy
Marcio de Queiroz

Fall 2012



Roy O. Martin III
Robert O. Ritchie
Michael E. Crawford
Elain S. Oran
Peter Nordlander
Glenn B. Sinclair

Spring 2012

Steve Plimpton

Fall 2011