Christopher MarvelDr. Marvel

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

3290J Patrick F. Taylor Hall

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA 70803


Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Lehigh University, 2016
  • B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Lehigh University, 2012

Employment History

  • Research Scientist, Lehigh University, 2019 - 2022
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Lehigh University, 2016 - 2018

Research Interests

  • Grain Boundary Complexions
  • High Entropy Alloys
  • Structural Ceramics
  • Nanocrystalline Metals
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Atomic Resolution Electron Microscopy
  • Grain Growth Simulations

Google Scholar Page

Selected Publications

  • Cantwell, Patrick R., Timofey Frolov, Timothy J. Rupert, Amanda R. Krause, Christopher J. Marvel, Gregory S. Rohrer, Jeffrey M. Rickman, and Martin P. Harmer. "Grain boundary complexion transitions." Annu. Rev. Mater. Res 50, no. 1 (2020): 465-492.
  • Marvel, C. J., K. D. Behler, J. C. LaSalvia, R. A. Haber, and M. P. Harmer. "Grain boundary segregation in Si-doped B-based ceramics and its effect on grain boundary cohesion." Acta Materialia 227 (2022): 117684.
  • Marvel, Christopher J., Amanda R. Krause, and Martin P. Harmer. "Effect of Eu‐doping and grain boundary plane on complexion transitions in MgAl2O4." Journal of the American Ceramic Society 104, no. 8 (2021): 4203-4213.
  • Smeltzer, Joshua A., B. Chad Hornbuckle, Anit K. Giri, Kristopher A. Darling, Martin P. Harmer, Helen M. Chan, and Christopher J. Marvel. "Nitrogen-induced hardening of refractory high entropy alloys containing laminar ordered phases." Acta Materialia 211 (2021): 116884.
  • Smeltzer, Joshua A., Mari-Therese Burton, B. Chad Hornbuckle, Anit K. Giri, Kristopher A. Darling, Martin P. Harmer, and Christopher J. Marvel. "Optimization of cryogenic mechanical alloying parameters to synthesize ultrahard refractory high entropy materials." Materials & Design 210 (2021): 110070.
  • Marvel, C. J., J. A. Smeltzer, B. C. Hornbuckle, K. A. Darling, and M. P. Harmer. "On the reduction and effect of non-metallic impurities in mechanically alloyed nanocrystalline Ni-W alloys." Acta Materialia 200 (2020): 12-23.
  • Rickman, J. M., H. M. Chan, M. P. Harmer, J. A. Smeltzer, C. J. Marvel, A. Roy, and G. Balasubramanian. "Materials informatics for the screening of multi-principal elements and high-entropy alloys." Nature communications 10, no. 1 (2019): 1-10.
  • Rickman, J. M., G. Balasubramanian, C. J. Marvel, H. M. Chan, and M-T. Burton. "Machine learning strategies for high-entropy alloys." Journal of Applied Physics 128, no. 22 (2020): 221101.
  • He, Mo-Rigen, Arunima Banerjee, Christopher J. Marvel, Sam Price, Ian McCue, Edwin J. Schwalbach, and Kevin J. Hemker. "Strong Impact of Minor Elements on the Microstructural Evolution of an Additively Manufactured Inconel 625 Alloy." Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A (2022): 1-17.
  • Marvel, C. J., K. D. Behler, J. C. LaSalvia, V. Domnich, R. A. Haber, M. Watanabe, and M. P. Harmer. "Extending ζ-factor microanalysis to boron-rich ceramics: Quantification of bulk stoichiometry and grain boundary composition." Ultramicroscopy 202 (2019): 163-172.
  • Marvel, Christopher J., Joseph E. Bates, Channing E. Hambric, David A. Braun, Catherine M. Arrington, and Martin P. Harmer. "The Lehigh Presidential Nano-Human Interface Initiative: Convergence of materials and cognitive sciences." (2021): 1-5.