Leland Weiss

Leland WeissLeland Weiss

Interim Director of Civil, Mechanical & Construction Engineering Technology, Thurman Lauret Professor, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston.






Small-scale thermal management and materials for device applications.


Micro and Meso-scale fabrication techniques and device design and characterization. Microfluidics and small-scale energy generation and thermal control.


PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University (2007);
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (1999)


CIMM sponsoredactivities in our group focus on manufacturability and materials research appliedtofused deposition modeling techniques (3D printing) and stainless steel 3Dprinted structures through CIMMcross-campus collaborations. Additives that include metallic and nanoscale powders are incorporated with more traditional, non conductive plastics like ABS using high shear techniques. This enhances thermal and electrical conductivities of these materials. Using microscale features, these heat sinks and heat exchangers are under investigation and comparison with metal based counterparts. This work fundamentally enhances on-site repair and design flexibility for a wide rangeof heattransfer applicationsthrough advanced manufacturing approaches.

L. Weiss Research ImageL. Weiss Research Image