Paul Schilling

Paul SchillingPaul Schilling

Professor, University of New Orleans, New Orleans.





Materials Characterization.


Materials characterization including mechanical properties and microstructural characterization;metastable alloys; spark plasma alloying.


Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Louisiana State University, 1992.


Dr. Schilling directsan applied research program in the developmentand characterization of materials. He has worked extensively in novel metallurgical
techniques including mechanical alloying for the development of nanocrystalline alloys; and metal surface modification by electro-plasma processing and electro-spark alloying for improvedcorrosion andwear resistance. Studies have included the application of mechanical alloying in theproduction of nanostructuredhalf-Heusler alloys for thermoelectric power generation, and the characterization of processing effects on the stir zone in friction stir welded aluminumalloys. In addition, Dr. Schilling is the co-author of the computer-aided design text, Parametric Modeling with SolidWorks.