Adarsh D. Radadia

Adarsh D. RadadiaAdarsh D. Radadia

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston





Surface chemistry and characterization; Micro-analytical instrumentation.


Surface modification chemistry of metal oxides for gas chromatography column development; System-level integration of a micro gas chromatograph.


PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Illinois (2009); post-doctoral research associateat University ofIllinois (2009-11).


One project in our group supported by CIMM is aimed at understanding the passivation chemistry needed at the interface of a metalcolumn and the required polymer coating for separationof volatiles with different organic functional groups. This work requires extensive gas chromatography-mass spectrometry experiments. To address the need to develop cost-effective micro gas chromatographs, we are also exploring the use of fused filament extrusion to build a preconcentrator, a column and a detector.
A. Radadia Research Images