Patrick F. Mensah

Patrick F. MensahPatrick F. Mensah

Formosa Endowed Professor, Associate Dean For Research, Southern University, Baton Rouge.





Experimental and computational fluid and heat transfer.


Modeling, processing, and thermo-mechanical property characterization of composite materials, high temperature superalloys and ceramic thermal barrier coatings.


Ph.D. in Engineering Science from Louisiana State University (1998).


Ongoing researchin our group, supported by CIMM, focuses on developing computational heat transfer models for analysisof multi-phase heat transfer in micro-scale heat sinks manufactured bymetal forming. Numerical modeling and simulation approaches for analyzing additive manufacturing (AM) processes of metal powders involving laseras input heat sources is also under development. AM produce parts through the layer-by-layer addition of molten material that generates large temperature gradientsthat cause plastic deformation. Thermo-mechanical models predict the
thermal history, mechanical distortion due interfacial thermal stresses. This enables the process to be studied and for distortion mitigation techniques to be developed. Such investigations requiredmodels that accurately capturethe physics of the deposition process.


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