Wen Jin Meng

Wen Jin MengWen Jin Meng 

Smiley and Bernice Romero Raborn Endowed Chair, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.





Experimental materials science: micro/nano fabrication, surface engineering, plasma processing.


Plasma assisted vapor phase deposition; materials characterization; micro mechanical testing; micro/nano fabrication.


Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Caltech (1988); post-doc at Argonne National Laboratory (1988-89).


Ongoing research in our group, supported by CIMM, focuses on small scale metal forming and patternreplication.Major scientific issues addressed include: 1) intrinsic and extrinsic materials’ size effectsrelevantto sub-mm to micron scale forming and replication; 2) solid/solid interfacial mechanical integrity relevant to coating basedsurface engineering and mechanical performance of layered solids,including those made by additive manufacturing (AM). We are developing microscale, in-situ, mechanical testing capabilities, and applying them in combinationwith micro/nano scale materials characterization techniques to generate new understanding and new insights regarding mechanical size effects, interfacial mechanical response, and new materials for AM.


W. J. Meng Research Image W. J. Meng Research Image W. J. Meng Research Image