Guoqiang Li

Guoqiang LiGuoqiang Li

LSU Alumni Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Louisiana State University/Southern University, Baton Rouge.





Engineering mechanics; experimental mechanics.


Structural analysis; composite joint; interfacial fracture.


Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Southeast University (1997); postdoc at LSU (1997-2000).


Ongoing research in our group, supported by CIMM, focuses on interfacial fracture of 3D printed structuresusing selective laser melting (SLM). Major scientific issues addressed include: 1)interfacial fracture underMode I, ModeII, andmixed ModeI&II loading; 2) finite element modeling of fracture of SLM printed dogbone specimen under uniaxial tensile loading. We are developing analytical modeling of the interfacial fracture of 3D printed metallic specimens, which have periodic zig-zag fracture path. We are also using commercially available software package such as ANSYS, to model the “cup and cone” fractureof printed specimens under uniaxial tension. Our research may help better understand fracture of printed metallic specimens under various loading conditions and may also help control the printing process using SLM.

G. Li Research ImageG. Li Research Image