Louisiana Consortium for Innovation in Manufacturing and Materials (CIMM)

Richard L. KurtzRichard L. Kurtz

Director of CAMD, Professor of Physics, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.






Synchrotron based materials analysis; X-ray and electron spectroscopies.


Experimental surface science applying multiple analytical techniques to materials characterization focusing on oxides, thin films and supported nanoclusters on oxide surfaces.


PhD in Applied Physics from Yale University (1983); National Research Council Ppost-doctoral fellowship at NIST (1983-85).


One project that our group carries out with CIMM support is the characterization of the electronic structure of high-entropy alloy CoCrFeNi using photoelectron spectroscopy. This work involves both characterization of the electronic band structure with UPS as well as the chemical valence state using XPS. The stability of the surfaces of these materials are studied by carrying out oxidation measurements and the results show preferential oxidation of Cr and Fe while Co and Ni remain essentially metallic. These results can be compared directly to DFT studies carried out by other CIMM groups.

LSU's CAMD Synchrotron R. Kurtz Research Image - Cu nanoparticles on ZnO R. Kurtz Research Image - CO on Cu/Zn