Ghanashyam Joshi

Ghanashyam JoshiGhanashyam Joshi

Professor, Southern University, Baton Rouge.





Manufacturing and Design, Materials Engineering.


Materials processing and characterization, Fatigue and fracture prognostics.


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Technological University. (1993); Post-doc at National Institute of Standards and Technology (1993-95); Faculty Fellowships at AFRL, NASA, DoE/ORNL, NIST, DoD/ARL, Boeing.


One project in ourgroup supported by CIMM is studying fatigue crack initiation and growth in metals and composites. Thermomechanical fatigue including entropy and plastic strain accumulation are being investigated.Damage mechanics as well as fracturemechanics software simulations are carried out. The experimental fatigue tests for multi-sensor data based fatigue crack prognostics are carried out using servo-hydraulic MTS mechanical test machine. Failed specimens are further investigated using optical microscopy and SEM, for confirmation of marker bands, phases and grain structure. Prognostics system for fatigue crack growth/life tracking will be developed.

G. Joshi Research Image G. Joshi Research Image