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The School of Nutrition and Food Sciences aims for excellence with comprehensive, integrated, and 21st century education, scholarship, and outreach. Food science professionals train students in the quality, processing, and safety of foods for the multibillion dollar food industry. Nutrition professionals provide training in nutrition science, community nutrition, and clinical nutrition with a focus on improving health and well-being of all citizens and populations.

Scholarly and educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate level integrate the basic and applied sciences with outreach.

Our Mission

The School of Nutrition and Food Sciences fulfills the land grant mission through excellence in teaching, research, and outreach, improving the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities in Louisiana and globally.

Three NFS Students Awarded Gulf Coast
IFT Scholarships

Alexander Chouljenko (left), a Ph.D. student, was awarded the 2017 Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories Scholarship for his abstract entitled: “Production of Oyster Flavor Powder from Byproducts of the Gulf of Mexico Oyster Industry.”

Jose Alonso (middle), a Ph.D. student, was awarded the Tom Quinn and Associates Scholarship for his abstract entitled: “Association of Brown Color and Sodium Reduction Claims on Saltiness Perception of Barbecue Sauce”.

Yupeng Gao (right), a Ph.D. student, was awarded the Gulf Coast IFT Scholarship for her abstract entitled: “Shelf Life Extension of Eggs Stored at 25C by Surface Coating with High Molecular Weight Water-Soluble Chitosan”.

Congratulations! All three students will be presenting posters or e-posters at the 2017 IFT Meeting and Expo in Las Vegas, NV during June 25-28, 2017.

The LSU Food Science Club's College Bowl Team is very proud to be the winner of the IFTSA South Central College Bowl Competition 2017!

Student participants were Ryan Ardoin - Captain, Kennet Carabonte, Cameron Caso, Aaron Dumas, and Karuna Kharel. Kari Pujols, Food Science Club President, gave a presentation about the food science club activities at the area meeting.

Since 1985, the IFTSA College Bowl Competition has tested the knowledge of student teams from across the United States in the areas of food science and technology, history of foods and food processing, food law, and general IFT/food-related trivia.

The College Bowl is designed to facilitate interaction among students from different universities, stimulate the students' desire to accumulate and retain knowledge, and provide a forum for students to engage in friendly competition. Teams for IFT Student Chapters in eight geographical areas of the Student Association compete in area competitions prior to the IFT Annual Meeting. The winning teams from the eight areas then compete in a final competition at the Annual Meeting.

For more information on the IFT and the Quiz Bowl Competions see: IFT College Bowl

NFS Training & Certification

13 - 15 June 2017

Basic Seafood HACCP Training - Registration will open soon

Training in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is mandated for the seafood processors by the U.S. Food and Drug Admin-istration (FDA). Basic HACCP courses teach the principles of HACCP and empower processors to develop HACCP plans specific for each sea-food product they handle or produce.

The School of Nutrition and Food Sciences offers a two and a half day basic Seafood HACCP training designed to educate seafood processors, packers, wholesales, importers, harvesters and warehouses about seafood safety. Participants who complete the course receive a certificate issued by AFDO, that fulfills the FDA requirements for seafood HACCP training.

See the Basic Seafood HACCP Training page for more information.


17 March 2017

Alexander Chouljenko is used to accolades. The food science graduate student placed first, not once, but twice in the Institute of Food Technologists Conference’s graduate student research paper competition. IFT has more than 17,000 members worldwide, so this is a prestigious honor for a student. Chouljenko is a rising seafood technologist and pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Food Science at Louisiana State University under the direction of Dr.Subramaniam Sathivel, Professor of the Food Processing and Engineering lab. Alexander successfully completed his master's degree in Food Science and Technology from LSU. Chouljenko’s master's research focused on evaluating the effects of vacuum tumbling shrimp with chitosan nanoparticles and with water-soluble chitosan on the quality of cryogenically frozen shrimp. Chitosan, a polysaccharide derived from the processed shrimp shells, has beneficial properties. The LSU AgCenter has produced a short YouTube video about Alexander's work. Additional details about his career, and his research are available on our News page.

10 March 2017

Presentations from the Louisiana Food Processors' Conference from 16-17 February 2017 are now available to view, or download as a PDF, on the Louisiana Food Processors' Conference webpage. The link to the page also appears under the [OUTREACH] tab in the menu.

23 February 2017

In a series of food-safety clips "Food Safety Bites" by Dr. Wennie Xu, one new installment is posted. This episode is a video segment that focuses on using a thermometer as the only safe means to determine doneness in ground beef patties.

This episode, and previous files are on our Food-Safety page. Have a look and listen, and check back often for updates.

13 January 2017

In a series of food-safety audio clips: "Food Safety Bites" by Dr. Wennie Xu, one new installment is posted. These two-to-three minute segments focus on various areas of food-safety. Keeping with our resolutions to embrace a healthier lifestyle, fresh fruits and vegetables are an important component. The latest Bite considers common-sense guidelines for safe handling of fresh produce at home.

This episode, and previous files are on our Food-Safety page. Have a listen, and check back often for updates.

11 January 2017

Luis Alonso Alfaro SanabriaLuis Alonso Alfaro Sanabria to join Tate & Lyle Company
Mr. Luis Alonso Alfaro Sanabria has joined in Tate & Lyle Company’s Corn Milling plant, Lafayette, Indiana as a Food and Bioprocess Engineer in the Microbiologist-Sanitation section of the plant. This position is related to his Ph.D. dissertation research. Dr. Subramaniam Sathivel (major advisor), School of Nutrition and Food Sciences & Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering and Dr. Jin-Woo Choi (co-advisor), Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science had the pleasure of advising Luis’s Ph.D. study.

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