About the Clinic

The LSU Cybersecurity Clinic (LCC) is a collaborative effort between the University and the Louisiana Small Business Development Center (LSBDC), funded by the NSA. Our core mission is to extend access to pro-bono cybersecurity clinic services to small businesses that otherwise cannot afford to hire a consultant.

LCC runs three specialty sub-clinics:

  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Clinic (Red Team)

  • Cyber Risk Assessment Clinic (Green Team)

  • Cyber Defense Clinic (Blue Team)




  • Most Small Businesses are not proactive about Cybersecurity, and believe they are too small to be targeted by cyber criminals.
  • Many Cyber Criminals target small businesses because of their poor security posture, or as stepping stones to attack larger organizations.
  • The LSU Cyber Clinic has the capacity to improve your Security Posture, and prevent cyberattacks before the damage is done.


LSU is leading the way in cybersecurity. We take you inside the nation’s first university-based cybersecurity clinic funded by a grant from the National Security Agency found on the Baton Rouge campus.

Protecting Small Businesses: Small businesses in Louisiana are lining up to receive free services from the LSU Cybersecurity Clinic, the first in the nation to be funded by the National Security Agency, or NSA.

Louisiana small businesses are lining up to receive free services through the LSU Cybersecurity Clinic, the first such clinic in the nation to be funded by the National Security Agency, or NSA.



William F. Tate IV

“This award from the NSA signals our faculty’s ability to deliver on this aim. It recognizes LSU’s growing leadership in cyber as we pursue our mission and Scholarship First Agenda to protect and secure Louisiana and the nation.” 

William F. Tate IV, LSU President

Chris Hilliard

“We’re pretty secure in our transactions, but growing our business comes with strengthening our cybersecurity [...]  With all of this information we’re gathering from customers, it’s important to us that our cybersecurity is top-notch and keeps their data safe and sound.”

Chris Hillard, CEO of Local Tech Company 'Suds'

Golden Richard III

"At LSU, we've been provided with unmatched resources for cybersecurity and charged by LSU President William F. Tate IV to become the number-one cyber school in the United States,"

Golden Richard III, LSU Professor