PhD in Curriculum & Instruction: Special Education

Special educators who have interests in developing professional expertise and/or working in higher education are the ideal professionals to pursue the doctoral degree. Graduate hours that are earned during master's or specialist degrees and related to remedial or special education may be applied toward the 90-hour program. The doctoral degree focuses on contributing unique knowledge to the professional literature through scholarship. It is recommended that interested persons meet with one or more special education faculty prior to initiating the doctoral degree program.

The academic course plan for each student is developed in consultation with and approved by the student’s graduate advisory committee. The committee includes the student’s major advisor and at least two additional members of the graduate faculty.

The curricular requirements for the PhD in Curriculum & Instruction include:

  • 50 hours in special education including 
  • Introduction to Scholarship in Education (ELRC 7299) and Traditions of Inquiry in Education (EDCI 7910).
    A minimum of 9 hours in research methods.
  • 12-18 hours of dissertation research.
  • Admitted students are anticipated to have a master’s degree; students who do not have a master’s degree must complete a 90-hour curriculum required for the PhD.

The student must pass a General exam consisting of written questions and a comprehensive oral exam; write a dissertation proposal and pass an oral defense of the proposal; and write a dissertation, and pass an oral defense of the dissertation.




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