MEd Curriculum & Instruction: Reading and Literacy Education


The School of Education offers a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Curriculum & Instruction which allows interested students to pursue a specialization in literacy education. The degree is designed to provide certified teachers with advanced coursework in aspects related to literacy education. The program extends teachers’ knowledge beyond initial teacher preparation and/or alternative teacher preparation by focusing on coursework that targets literacy foundations, philosophies, research, methods, and materials. Once enrolled, students have a five year window to complete all requirements for the degree. Part of this coursework includes a required four-course sequence that meets the state of Louisiana’s requirements for an add-on reading specialist certificate. 

Program Structure

The Master of Education degree in Curriculum & Instruction with a specialization in literacy education is a 36-hour program beyond the baccalaureate degree. Within the 36 hours program, there are five areas of required coursework. Students are required to take:  3 hours of curriculum studies; 3 hours of research; 3 hours of technology; 3 hours of humanistic and behavioral studies, and a total of 12 hours of coursework required for reading specialist certification, as well as 6-12 hours of electives.  The number of electives depends on whether a student elects to write a thesis or respond to comprehensive exam questions, or consider a final research project as culminating requirements for the degree. Literacy specialization courses and electives can include, but are not limited to, the following courses (see literacy course rotation chart for availability):

  • EDCI 7105 Elementary Reading ( summer offering is for Holmes Elementary students only )
  • EDCI 7106 Teaching Reading to Students of Diverse Cultural Backgrounds
  • EDCI 7107 Special Topics in Literacy/ Reading (can be taken for a total of 6 hours)
  • EDCI 7135 Middle and Secondary Reading 
  • EDCI 7130 Techniques and Resources for Reading Instruction
  • EDCI 7131 Content Reading
  • EDCI 7142 Teaching Writing in Secondary School
  • EDCI 7143 Teaching Literature in Secondary School
  • EDCI 7205 Critical Analysis of Current Research in Reading
  • EDCI 7311 Topics in Language Arts Education ( LSU Writing Project in summers, 2 course sequence )
  • EDCI 7314 Teaching Written Composition in the Elementary School
  • EDCI 7610 Advanced Seminar & Practicum in C & I ( independent study option –taken for 6 hours total )
  • EDCI 7821 Problems in Curriculum and Instruction ( independent study option –taken for a total of 4 hrs )
  • EDCI 7822 Problems in Curriculum and Instruction ( independent study option –taken for a total of 4 hrs )
  • EDCI 7682 Diagnostic/Assessment in Reading (prerequisite EDCI 7105)
  • EDCI 7683 Guiding Classroom Instruction (prerequisite EDCI 7105 and EDCI 7682)
  • EDCI 7684 Advanced Internship in Reading ( typically a 6 hour independent study course )


Reading Specialist Certification Coursework

  • You must be eligible for and/or hold a Louisiana teaching license and have taught for 3 years.
  • Sequence for reading specialist certification coursework:
    1. EDCI 7105: Elementary Reading, or EDCI 7135: Middle and Secondary Reading (depends on emphasis)
    2. EDCI 7682: Diagnostic/Assessment in Reading (prerequisite EDCI 7105)
    3. EDCI 7683; Guiding Classroom Instruction (prerequisite EDCI 7105 and EDCI 7682)
    4. EDCI 7131: Content Reading

For more information about graduate programs in Reading/Literacy Education, please contact: 

Dr. Renee Casbergue
113E Peabody Hall