Certificate in Education Specialist (EdS) in Curriculum & Instruction: Gifted Education


The EdS certificate is intended for teachers, counselors, supervisors, and administrators in elementary and secondary schools. This program provides in-depth opportunities for further professional growth and specialization for persons who have completed the master’s degree. A minimum of 60 hours of graduate credit—which may include hours earned in the master’s degree—is required. Individuals interested in pursuing an EdS certificate with specialization in gifted education should consult one of the program’s faculty members. There is no time limit on this degree, but you must be continually enrolled. 

Curricular requirements

  • 6 hours of Humanistic and Behavioral Studies
  • 6 hours in research
  • 30 hours in gifted education
  • 18 hours of electives.
  • complete all required course work with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • successfully complete a required six-hour practicum in the area of specialization (no final exam is required for specializations)



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Dr. F. Neil Mathews
223 Peabody Hall

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