Emily A. Dare, PhD

Emily Dare

Bachelor's Degree: Physics, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, 2008 
Master's Degree: Physics and Astronomy, Tufts University, Medford, MA, 2011 
PhD: Curriculum & Instruction – STEM Education, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 2015 
Email: edare@lsu.edu  
Office: 204A Peabody Hall




Dr. Emily Dare is an Associate Professor of Science/STEM Education at Louisiana State University. Dr. Dare’s research focuses on K-12 science and STEM education. In particular, she is interested in supporting science teachers’ reform-based instruction while simultaneously understanding their beliefs. As science classrooms shift toward integrated STEM pedagogical and curriculum approaches, this is especially critical. Dr. Dare also has a passion for working with K-12 students to understand how changes in classroom instruction – particularly towards integrated STEM approaches – impact their interests in, attitudes towards, and beliefs about STEM fields.

Selected Publications

Roehrig, G., Dare, E. A., Ellis, J. A., & Ring-Whalen, E. (2021). Beyond the basics: A detailed conceptual framework of integrated STEM. Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education Research, 3(11). https://doi.org/10.1186/s43031-021-00041-y 
Dare, E. A., Hiwatig, B., Keratithamkul, K., Ellis, J. A., Roehrig, G. H., Ring-Whalen, E. A., Rouleau, M. D., Faruqi, F., Rice, C., Titu, P., Li, F., Wieselmann, J. R., & Crotty, E. A. (2021, July). Improving integrated STEM education: The design and development of a K-12 STEM observation protocol (STEM-OP) (RTP). In Proceedings of the 2021 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. Virtual Conference. https://peer.asee.org/37307 
Dare, E. A., & Ring-Whalen, E. A. (2021). Eliciting and refining conceptions of STEM education: A series of activities for professional development. Innovations in Science Teacher Education, 6(2). https://innovations.theaste.org/eliciting-and-refining-conceptions-of-stem-education-a-series-of-activities-for-professional-development/ 
Wieselmann, J. R., Dare, E. A., Ring-Whalen, E. A., & Roehrig, G. H. (2020). “I just do what the boys tell me”: Exploring small group student interactions in an integrated STEM unit. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 57(1), 112-144. https://doi.org/10.1002/tea.21587 
Dare, E. A., Ring-Whalen, E. A., & Roehrig, G. H. (2019). Creating a continuum of STEM models: Exploring how K-12 science teachers conceptualize STEM education. International Journal of Science Education, 41(12), 1701-1720. https://doi.org/10.1080/09500693.2019.1638531 
Dare, E. A., Ellis, J. A., & Roehrig, G. H. (2018). Understanding science teachers' implementations of integrated STEM curricular units through a phenomenological multiple case study. International Journal of STEM Education, 5(4), 1-19. https://doi.org/10.1186/s40594-018-0101-z

Selected Presentations

Invited Presentations 
Roehrig, G. H., & Dare, E. A. (2022, September) [Invited Presentation]. Supporting students, teachers, and schools in integrated STEM education efforts. Research Meeting on STEM for Learning Evaluation and Teacher Support, National Institute for Educational Policy Research (NIER), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Tokyo, Japan. 
Roehrig, G. H., & Dare, E. A. (2022, July) [Invited Visiting Scholars Public Lecture]. Identifying and overcoming obstacles in integrated STEM education through research and practice. Visiting Scholars Public Lecture. Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. 
Dare, E. A. (2018, March) [Invited Keynote]. Fostering physics learning and interest for middle school girls and boys through STEM integration. Ohio Region Section of the APS/Michigan Section of AAPT 2018 Spring Meeting. East Lansing, MI. 
Conference Presentations 
Dare, E. A., Ellis, J. A., Ring-Whalen, E. A., Roehrig, G. H., Rouleau, M. D., Hiwatig, B. M., Faruqi, F.,  Irwin, C. (2023, April). Observing integrated STEM education in K-12 science and engineering classrooms with new tools and resources. NARST Annual International Conference. Chicago, IL. [pre-conference workshop] 
Dare, E. A., Ellis, J. A., Roehrig, G. H., Ring-Whalen, E. A., Keratithamkul, K., Hiwatig, B. M., Faruqi, F., Robinson, L, Rouleau, M. D., & Irwin, C. (2023, January). Tools and resources for observing integrated STEM education in K-12 science and engineering classrooms. Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE). Salt Lake City, UT. 
Dare, E.A., Ellis, J. A., Roehrig, G. H., Ring-Whalen, E. A., & Rouleau, M. D. (2022, June). Current practices in K-12 integrated STEM education: A comparison across science content areas and grad levels (Fundamental). ASEE 2022 Annual Conference & Exposition. Minneapolis, MN. 

Selected Grants and Funding

Dare, E. A. (PI), Ellis, J. A. (co-PI), & Rouleau, M. D. (co-PI) (Sep 2018 – Aug 2023). Collaborative Research: Design and Development of a K-12 STEM Observation Protocol, National Science Foundation, Total Amount for FIU: $670,470, Total Project Amount: $1,682,062 
Dare, E. (PI), Ellis, J. (co-PI), & Irwin, J. (co-PI) (Mar 2016 – Sep 2017). Engaging Students in Physical Science, Michigan Department of Education, Total Amount: $116,790 
Mayer, A. (PI), Urban, N. (co-PI), & Dare, E. (co-PI) (Jan 2016 – Dec 2018). RET Site: PLACE- Promoting Learning About Computational tools and the Environment, National Science Foundation, Total Amount: $599,590 

Editorships and Editorial Boards

Journal of Science Teacher Education 
Associate Editor – 2019 – present 
Editorial Review Board – 2016 – 2019 
Journal of Research in Science Teaching 
Associate Editor – 2022 – present 
Editorial Review Board – 2019 – 2022 
Innovations in Science Teacher Education 
Editorial Review Board – 2016 – present