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Courtney A. Brown, PhD

Adjunct Instructor, Co-Director of LSU Writing Project

Bachelor's Degree(s):  BS Psychology
Master's Degree: MS Ministerial Leadership
PhD: Curriculum & Instruction





Dr. Courtney A. Brown is an adjunct instructor in the LSU School of Education. The CEO of Somebody’s Answer LLC, she is a prolific author, LSU Writing Project Teacher Consultant and co-director, educator, lecturer, and curriculum specialist. Her research agenda incorporates an approach to literacy which amplifies the contextual resilience present in the individual and collective narratives of underrepresented communities, provides authentic experiences in writing, and connects theoretical approaches to practical, real-world experiences in literacy.  For more than 20 years, Dr. Brown has dedicated herself to a life of service in the state of Louisiana beginning her professional career as a residential counselor, therapeutic foster care case manager, and case manager supervisor. Dr. Brown then transitioned to education where she has poured her earnest devotion into the public school system as a teacher of students from elementary to high school while also having finely crafted reading, instructional, and distance learning programs.  These varied experiences have made Dr. Brown an integral part of the development of many pre-service teachers’ pedagogy as she represents the connection between theory and practice in her role as an adjunct professor.  

Nationally recognized for her scholarship and research, Courtney Brown was named a recipient of the Association of Classroom Teachers’ Fellowship (2016, 2017, 2018), and was an America Achieves Cohort Three Fellow (2016).  She was the moderator for the West Baton Rouge museum’s community discussion series of the nationally acclaimed PBS special, American Creed (2019) and has worked in collaboration with Caddo Parish schools as a  National Writing Project Teacher Consultant offering support to teachers through professional development in writing curriculum (2017, 2018, 2019).  Dr. B. has self-published six books ranging in genre from children’s to inspirational and her seventh book is a highly sought after monograph birthed from her dissertation (2018) in publication with Lexington Books (2020).   

Selected Publications

2021    Cuttin’ Cane Ain’t All We Do Ebook Companion  (West Baton Rouge Museum Curriculum Guide) 

2020    Adolescent Literacy & Writing: Narratives Outside the Classroom (Lexington Books)                     

2019      American Creed: Connections to the Past, Hope for the Future  (West Baton Rouge Museum,  Executive Editor) 

2016     Project Narrative Journal (Somebody's Answer)

2016    The Narrative: A Gateway to Communication Pathways for Children Diagnosed with ADHD   (Somebody's Answer) 

2016    “In My Classroom, Common Core Isn’t A Problem, It’s Opportunity” (Education Post)

2016  “Test Scores For Parents Key Opportunity”  (Times Picayune) 


2018 | Nominated for the Distinguished Dissertation of the Year Award LSU 

2016, 2017 | Recipient of the Association of Classroom Teachers Fellowship Fund Scholarship  

2015 | National Writing Project Teacher Consultant 

August 2014-May 2016 | America Achieves Cohort 3 Fellow  

2013-2014 | Claiborne Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year 

2011-2012 | City of Baker Teacher of the Year 


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