Infrared Microspectroscopy Beamline


Beamline Description

Photo of IR microscopeA planar/torodial mirror pair is designed to collect 50 mrad of radiation in both horizontal and vertical direction from the dipole chamber. Synchrotron radiation is reflected back and down to the toroid mirror by the plane mirror. The toroid mirror focuses synchrotron beam onto a diamond window, which is located outside the shield wall. The beam passed through the diamond window is reflected by a small off-axis gold-coated parabolic mirror which collimates the synchrotron beam. The collimated beam is then fed into a FT-IR spectrometer and IR microscope. The beam collimating optics, spectrometer and microscope are all purged with dry nitrogen gas.

End Station

The IR microscope equips with Schwarzschild Optics, which provides about 10 micron size IR beam at the sample position. Transmission and refection mode measurement are available at the Microscope. In addition to the synchrotron radiation-based measurements, FT-IR measurements with a conventional thermal source (Glorbar) are also available in transmission, reflection, and ATR mode.  


Technical information of the IR Microspectroscopy Beamline

Research/Technical Contact: Orhan Kizilkaya