MOU Metrics

 According to the MOU effective January 1, 2017 CAMD's performance evaluation criteria will include the following expectations:

1) An adequate number of peer-reviewed publications that cite work performed at CAMD (at least 10 publications per year).

2) An adequate number of presentations in scientific meetings (at least 10 per year). 

3) A significant number of grant applications to federal and other extramural funding agencies (at least 10 grants per year).

4) Overhead recovery attributed to CAMD’s participation in funded grants that amounts to at least 10% of the annual CAMD’s operating budget (year I), 20% of operating budget (year 2), 25% of operating budget (year III).

5) a significant number of LSU faculty performing research at CAMD (15 faculty for year 1, 20 faculty year 2, 25 faculty year 3.

At the conclusion of each calendar year, CAMD will publish the information needed to evaluate its performance according to these criteria.

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