Choice Credit for College Learning Model


The Choice Credit model enables students to take authentic, college-level courses embedded within their normal high school classes at the same pace and rigor as those offered at LSU. Students may opt to receive LSU credit if satisfied with their final grade. Teachers are equipped with training to guide students throughout this college-level course experience.


Students must meet the Board of Regents’ Minimum Requirements for Academic Dual Enrollment Courses.


State/Federal funds may be used. Contact us for more information.

Free Teacher Training

LSU provides free mandatory training for classroom coaches supporting Choice Credit courses.

Transcription Option

Eligible students who are satisfied with their final college grade may opt-in to receive LSU credit.

How It Works

Supportive Teacher Training

High school teachers, called coaches, receive strong support – resources, training, and guidance – to create engaging learning experiences and effectively guide students.

Registration & Transcription

To register, schools/districts pay a $300 fee per eligible student.

*There is an additional $40 charge per participating student paid directly to Pearson for MyMathLab

Effective Learning Support

LSU will supply an Instructor of Record (IoR), along with a fully asynchronous, stand-alone LSU Choice Credit course, encompassing assignments, assessments, instructional videos, and notes. Also, a Choice Credit coach will be assigned as a liaison between LSU and the high school. Moreover, LSU will furnish an academic advisement framework for students.

Why It Works

Guided Student Success

Each participating high school assigns a trained teacher (coach) to aid student registration, offer coursework guidance, and maintain ongoing communication with LSU’s Instructor of Record for student success.

Authentic Coursework

Students receive a quality educational experience within their regular high school course structure that matches the pace and rigor of those offered at LSU.

Transcript Record Control

No permanent LSU record of Choice Credit course outcomes will be maintained unless a student explicitly chooses grade transcription after receiving the collegiate final grade.

Grade Protection Measures

Safeguards are integrated to promote student success in their accompanying high school courses.

Available Courses

LSU will offer the following first year, fully asynchronous college math courses in the Choice Credit format. Other LSU math courses such as College Algebra, Trigonometry, Business Calculus, and Calculus will be offered through LSU’s traditional Dual Enrollment program.

Math 1015 – Applied College Algebra (CMAT 1203)

Designed for students who wish to continue to build prerequisite skills before attempting college algebra. Math 1015 counts towards degrees in the UL and LCTCS systems (see Louisiana’s Articulation Matrix) along with other private and public colleges/universities in Louisiana.

Math 1029 – Contemporary Mathematics (CMAT 1103)

General Education course primarily for students in liberal arts and social sciences at most colleges/universities in Louisiana.

Please contact Kaleb Gardner if you would like more information.