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Submit Partnership Idea

For a partnership to be considered service-learning, it must:

  • address a community-identified need;
  • promote the common good; and
  • have mutual benefits for campus and community partners

Service-learning activities should advance student learning goals, thus the service opportunity must be appropriate and meaningful within a course context and the actual work associated with the service must relate directly to course content.

The form below is an opportunity to share your ideas for partnership. If a faculty member is available to form a service-learning partnership with your organization, the information provided below will be a starting point for a collaborative discussion on a service arrangement that meets both partners’ needs.

Because service-learning activities are incorporated into a class, projects or placements will occur over the span of a semester, although many faculty and community partners continue to work together for future semesters.

CCELL cannot guarantee that a service-learning class will be available for the services requested. However, there are opportunities to get connected with other LSU service initiatives.

Propose a service-learning partnership by filling out the form below, and then push submit.

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For the following question, please consider the following prompts in your response:

• What are the goals or objectives of the project?
• How many service-learning students could your agency accommodate for this project?
• What activities would the service-learning students be doing?
• What would be the requirements for service (time commitment, background check, training, etc.)?
• What would be the responsibilities or expectations of the involved parties at LSU?
• What would be the responsibilities or expectations of your agency?
• Do you have a particular course, department, or faculty member in mind?