Statement from the Board of Supervisors on Title IX and Campus Environment

The LSU Board of Supervisors wants to assure our community that we are actively engaged in resolving the recent accusations of mishandled sexual violence cases. We publicly reaffirm our commitment to preventing sexual violence, addressing any culture that leads to this type of behavior, and supporting victims and survivors. 
We support President Galligan’s engagement of Husch Blackwell, an experienced third party, to review past cases for compliance. It will take some time for them to work through the facts. If errors were made, we want them fixed. If any members of our university community failed to fulfill their responsibilities they will be held appropriately accountable.
While Husch Blackwell’s work is in progress, the President is meeting with student leaders and advocacy groups to learn how we can better serve our students in their most vulnerable times and provide better support. LSU will not stand still on this issue.
Every member of the University community must be treated fairly, equitably, and with respect. The University’s missions of education, research and service require an open and welcoming environment conducive to growth, learning, and exploration. We can achieve our mission only when every member of the LSU family feels safe from sexual violence, discrimination or any other unacceptable behavior.
In closing, we echo President Galligan’s commitment to transparency and change.