Politics & Law

You are fascinated by the political process and the functions of government. A career in politics and law may be for you.  


Child and Family Studies

You are interested in helping children and families move beyond boundaries and overcome adverse conditions.

Student reads to children at the care center.


You are fascinated by crime and the criminal justice system. 

Students ask police questions at safety day.


Economics, B.A. or Economics, B.S.

You have a keen interest in the economy - both domestic and global. 

Students listen at financial seminar.


You are creative by nature - whether writing stories, poems or screenplays - and want to share your ideas with the world.

Students listen to English presentation.


You like to read about the events that have shaped the world and are fascinated by the ways in which those events unfolded. 

Students learn history in Hill Memorial

International Studies

You are curious about other cultures and the issues that drive global politics.

Students learn about different cultures at the international expo.

International Trade & Finance

You like to travel and have a yen for the yen - or the yuan or the euro.

Flags hang at the International Cultural Center.



You have an admiration for the great thinkers throughout human history who defined their times and left behind legacies for future generations.

Students give philosophy presentations.


Political Communication

You find policies exhilarating, are always in the middle of a debate and want to change the world through communication, politics and the law. 

Student takes tour of capitol.


Political Science

You are intrigued by the political process and want to know more about how government systems work. 

Students sit in on session during LSU Day.