You have always enjoyed working with numbers and solving complex problems. A career in math may be for you. 



You are meticulous and exacting, and you love to work with numbers.

Students work on accounting project.

Actuarial Science

You like analyzing financial risks. You are in your element when discussing economics and finance.

Students discuss finances.

Computer Science

You want to create something out of nothing, like the next great app or video game.

Computer science students work on group project.

Data Science and Analytics

You are fascinated with taking complex problems and creating simple solutions.

Students working on data analysis.

Economics, B.A. or Economics, B.S.

You have a keen interest in the economy - both domestic and global. 

Students listen at financial seminar.


You are fascinated by the possibilities of investing money and of growing wealth for both yourself and others.

Students discuss finances.

Information Sciences & Decision Sciences

You are fascinated with technology and precision, and dream of working in a corporate setting.

ITS students work on project.


You like to decipher the world around you through numbers, geometry and topology.

Math professor explains equation.


You are interested in learning about the universe around us, as well as within us.

Physics professor explains theories.