Women's & Gender Studies

Women's & Gender Studies

You are ready to take on women's and gender issues and advocate for justice.


About Women's & Gender Studies 

Women’s and gender studies examines the roles that gender plays in everyday life. Courses examine topics such as women in culture and history; gender and race, class, and sexuality; gender in literature, politics, the law, and the sciences.


Possible Careers

Advocate for women’s issues
Community activist
 Community programs coordinator
University administrator
 Women’s center director


Email hss@lsu.edu or call 225-578-3141 for more information.

Senior College

College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Liberal Arts


B.A., Bachelor of Arts

Course Load by Subject Area

  • Social Studies: ⚫︎⚫︎⚫︎
  • Electives: ⚫︎⚫︎⚪︎
  • Foreign Language: ⚫︎⚫︎⚪︎

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