Louisiana Energy & Environmental Resource & Information Center

LEERIC Archive Web Site

The Louisiana Energy & Environmental Resource & Information Center (LEERIC) was a cooperative program between the LSU Center for Coastal, Energy & Environmental Resources (CCEER) Information Services Division (ISD), The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ), and private sector supporters.

Its mission was to:

  • function as a clearinghouse of technical and non-technical energy and environmental information, including policy and statistical data;
  • acquire and provide, through inter-library loan, energy and environmental resources to all groups in Louisiana;
  • collect, catalog, and maintain quality print and non-print materials which are especially pertinent to understanding energy and related environmental issues, research, and education as they relate to Louisiana;
  • provide a single stop energy and related environmental information service through a toll free 800 hotline number (in Louisiana only) and a web site;
  • serve as part of a national network of Alliance Centers for Environmental Education;
  • work and network with business, industry, government, civic leaders, teachers, administrators, and students to enhance science education locally and throughout Louisiana;
  • develop and deliver quality hands-on science workshops related to energy use and conservation for teachers; and
    produce credible materials for educators and researchers. 

Upon completion of the program:

Also of note is that the Center for Coastal, Energy & Environmental Resources (CCEER) has been reorganized into the Center for Energy Studies and the College of the Coast and the Environment