Instructional Support


The staff at the FTC is available to support instructors in designing course materials and activities to engage their students and build a sense of community in their face-to-face, blended, and/or online courses. These include assistance with developing learning objectives, activities, assignments and assessments, ways to engage students, promote higher-order thinking, methods to provide feedback, and much more. 

Faculty and students can find numerous tools and apps that will support learning objectives, are user-friendly, and enhance the learning experience. When selecting a form of media or tool, it is important to think about what the tool can bring to your course. Is it “cool” or does it meet the needs of your students to fulfill the learning objectives? 

The staff at the Faculty Technology Center can help you discover, evaluate, and integrate strategies and technology to enhance your teaching in the following areas: 

  • Selecting instructional strategies: Want to develop a more dynamic and interactive class? Interested in moving beyond discussion forums or begging students to answer your questions? We can help you plan activities that will engage your students and promote higher-order thinking, while meeting the needs of your learners. 


  • Provide effective communication & feedback: Feedback is essential for students, but also for instructors. Learn effective ways to provide feedback to your students, but also how to gather it from your students. Discover tools that can assist with this process. 


  • Transition from a face-to-face course to an online course: Looking to move into the online environment – either as a blended or fully online course? We’ll help you make the transition and provide information on best practices for teaching online. 


  • Assessment management: We can help you align assessments to your learning objectives, introduce you to tools that build rubrics, or give you tips on writing assessment questions. 


  • Structure effective group projects: Want to assign group projects, but are not sure how to structure them for success? We can help guide you as you develop short-term or multi-phase group projects. 


  • Using existing technology: Are you familiar with the many tools within Moodle? Are you interested in lecture capture or streaming videos in your course? Let us help you navigate the LSU supported tools to enhance your curriculum and meet the needs of your learners. 


  • Selecting technology solutions: Have you heard about tools that create word clouds, foster student collaboration or provide real-time formative feedback? We can introduce you to new and emerging technology tools and help you select the right one for your course objectives. 


  • Integrate social networking: Social networking is an effective way to create a sense of community within your course. If you are new to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking tools, or would like to know how to integrate them into your course, we can help. For more information on key areas of consideration and guidelines, click here



Ensuring a quality learning experience for all learners – including those with a disability – is a key focus area for faculty, and can be easier than you think. To learn more about accessibility on the LSU campus, visit the Office of Disability Services. You can find out more about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) by visiting

Copyright/Fair Use 

The Internet has made it easier to locate, distribute, and reproduce copyrighted material. Instructors and students need to understand how to use materials appropriately. For assistance in learning more about using copyrighted material, public domain, creative commons, and the TEACH Act, visit or contact Peggy Hoon, the Director of Copyright Policy and Education, at


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 is a federal law that helps protect the privacy and accuracy of student education records. To find out more information about FERPA, visit the links below: 

- FERPA for Students

- FERPA for Parents 

- FERPA for Faculty and Staff