LSU Student Incubator Application

Applicants must complete this application in its entirety to be considered for acceptance as a Participant in the LSU Student Incubator operated by the Louisiana Business & Technology Center (LBTC) at Louisiana State University. All applicants will be interviewed by the staff of the LBTC and given an opportunity to discuss their business further. Acceptance and participation is afforded at the sole and absolute discretion of the LBTC.


At least one owner of the business must be a currently enrolled LSU student. Both Undergraduate and Graduate students are welcome to participate. Students will be admitted on a semester basis and must demonstrate adequate progress in order to retain their membership in subsequent semesters. Students without formal business plans are expected to write one within 6 months of participation in the program.


Students will be required to participate in programs designed to increase their chances for success. This includes meeting at least monthly with their business consultant and attending entrepreneurial speaker events and training workshops.

Admission Criteria

The Student Incubator should be accessible to any and every currently enrolled LSU student requesting assistance.  The mission of The Student Incubator is "to assist student entrepreneurs who demonstrate the greatest chance for success, growth and adding jobs to the community." 

The student should be able to meet the following criteria to gain acceptance into the program:

  1. The student should represent a small startup business.
  2. The student will locate both management offices and production facilities in Louisiana.
  3. The student can articulate the business model and entrepreneurial opportunity.
  4. The student’s business concept is unique.
  5. The student will agree to produce a business plan.
  6. The essential resources needed to start the business are available or can be acquired.
  7. The student is willing to adhere to policies and procedures of the program and facility. 



Maximum 250 words covering the following: Why you want to join the Student Incubator (this answer will become public if accepted into the Student Incubator) Why you think your business will be successful Any other information you think will be beneficial or noteworthy to know about you/your company.