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LSU researchers' new invention - a syringe that can temporarily store adult stem cells so that they be delivered and given to the patient from the same device - is the booster physicians and veterinarians need to treat tendon injuries more effectively.

A fiber optics-powered breakthrough discovery could quickly and accurately identify pipeline leaks, preventing potentially significant environmental damage and saving the oil and gas industry billions of dollars a year. "Oil and gas pipeline leaks have enormous economic and environmental costs. The energy industry spends more than $3 billion each year on leak detection, but costs, labor and accuracy limit the current methods," said Jyotsna Sharma, LSU petroleum engineering professor. "The most common way to detect leaks is with pressure gauges, but this method is unable to localize and detect small leaks."

An LSU researcher has developed a new vaccine against bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and related illnesses that kill around 8 million calves each year and cost the U.S. cattle industry more than $1 billion.



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