Potential Internship Partners

 Fall / Summer 2018 Internship Sites

Baton Rouge Garden Alliance

Opportunities Available: 3 for Fall

Site Description: The Baton Rouge Garden Alliance was created in 2011 after a number of area residents, leaders, and groups who were already building and maintaining gardens in the city met and realized their shared interests. The history of this organization is rooted in several previously independent community gardening efforts.

What you will be doing: Gardens affiliated with the Baton Rouge Garden Alliance are frequently looking for volunteers to weed, paint, build, landscape, plant, harvest, water plants, and more. A few have regular meeting times and welcome people to show up and help whenever they can. Click on "the gardens" tab above and look at each site for details. You can also click on our "calendar" tab above to see which gardens are meeting this week and at what times.

East Baton Rouge District Attorney's Office Crime Strategies Unit

Opportunities Available: 8-12 for Summer, 8 to 12 for Fall

Additional Requirements: Requires background check and Interview. Please contact Dr. Michael Barton to schedule an interview.

Site Description: The DA’s Crime Strategy Unit utilizes data and intelligence to build and further prosecutions as well as implement public safety initiatives.

What you will be doing: Interns will be working with law enforcement agents to gather data and information related to prosecutions.


Front Yard Bikes

Opportunities available: 3 for Summer, 3 for Fall

Additional Requirements: Requires background check and Interview

Site Description: Front Yard Bikes is a community bike shop that focuses on teaching participants of all ages how to fix and maintain bikes. We teach and develop skills in mathematics, physics, and mechanics while promoting inclusivity, mentorship, recreation and academic achievement.

What you will be doing: Interns will be engaging our youth participants in activities going on at the shop, as well as volunteer coordination, educational planning and engagement, social media coordination and basic mechanic skills.

The Gardere Initiative

Opportunities Available: 5 for Summer, 7-8 for Fall

Additional Requirements: Requires an interview

Site Description: The Gardere Initiative is a multi-group effort to address substance abuse and other social ills in the Gardere area of Baton Rouge and its neighboring subdivisions.

What you will be doing: There are several roles available in this organization. All interns will be likely doing administrative work, but there are also opportunities to serve as sports program administrators and\ or coaches. There are also tutoring opportunities available.


Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana

Opportunities Available: 1 intern for Fall 2018

Additional Requirements: Requires Interview

Site Description: The mission of Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana is to prevent the abuse and neglect of all our state’s children. PCAL’s history includes high-quality evidence-based programs, statewide public awareness campaigns, successful advocacy initiatives and sought-after workshops and trainings. In 2016, the CDC released, “Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect: A Technical Package for Policy, Norm, and Programmatic Activities,” which includes five strategies based on the best available evidence to help prevent child abuse and neglect. The strategies are: strengthening economic supports for families; changing social norms to support parents and positive parenting; providing quality care and education early in life; enhancing parenting skills to promote healthy child development; and intervening to lessen harms and prevent future risk.

What you will be doing: We are trying to determine which of the CDC strategies are currently happening in Louisiana and to what extent. We would like a student to help create/compile the list of organizations/agencies who are doing things that fulfill the CDC strategies. For example, mapping out which agencies do home visiting, which businesses have paid maternal/paternal leave, which boards/agencies oversee preschool and quality child care, etc.

Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation

Opportunities Available: Both 1 for Summer and 1 for Fall

Additional Requirements: Requires Interview.

Site Description: Baton Rouge Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, is a 44 year old non profit, providing support and advocacy services to individuals living with sickle cell disease in South Louisiana. Intern would assist in the development of community engagement strategies to educate communities and businesses on sickle cell disease.
What you will be doing: We would like to establish community advisory boards. Assess rural community needs as it relate to sickle cell disease. Establish sickle cell advocacy projects for the region.

Victim’s Assistance Bureau of the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office

Opportunities Available: 2 for Summer, 2 for Fall.

Additional Requirements: Requires Interview

Site Description: The Victim Services Division of the 19th JDC District Attorney’s Office provides comprehensive advocacy and support to victims and witnesses of crime. The Victim Services Division offers free services in English, and Spanish. Our Victim Advocates work to ensure that crime victims and their families are provided the services and information necessary to be an integral part of the criminal case process. It is our mission to ensure that victims are treated fairly and that their voice is heard.
What you will be doing: Student interns will be conducting a variety of court related tasks including, but not limited to assisting crime victims, assisting with crisis counseling, assisting with client intakes and assisting with front office responsibilities.

Zachary Police Department

Opportunities Available: 2 for summer, 2 for Fall

Additional Requirements: Requires Interview

Site Description: The mission of the Zachary Police Department is to enhance safety and security through quality police services, which reflect our compassion and concern for the citizens of the city of Zachary. We will provide this quality service in partnership with members of the community. To fulfill our mission we will strive to attain the highest degree of ethical behavior and professional conduct at all times.
What you will be doing: Student interns will work on a variety of tasks with local officers.

Prior internships have also been with organizations such as:

  • 2Abounding Love Ministries/S.T.A.R.S.
  • Baton Rouge City Court
  • Baton Rouge Police Department
  • Baton Rouge Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
  • HOPE Ministries
  • Lee High STEM and VPA Magnet Academy
  • Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council
  • MetroMorphosis
  • Volunteers in Public Schools