Minors - Surveying 


(Six Courses)

  • CE 3500 Plane Surveying and Measurements
  • CE 4500 Geodetic & Photogrammetric Surveying
  • CE 4520 Advanced Surveying
  • CE 4530 Control Surveying with GPS
  • CE 4550 Boundary Surveying
  • CE 4560 Engineering Applications of Remote Sensing


(Twelve hours of elective course should be chosen from the list below )

  • CM 3100 Construction Surveying
  • GEOG 2039 Cartographic Drafting & Graphic Presentation
  • GEOG 4040 Advanced Cartography
  • GEOG 4044 Computer Cartography: Personal Computer
  • GEOG 4045 Environmental Remote Sensing
  • GEOG 4047 Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 4048 Methods of Spatial Analysis
  • GEOG 4049 Advanced Computer Cartography
  • FIN 3351 Principles of Real Estate
  • FIN 3352 Real Estate Valuation & Investment
  • FIN 3353 Real Property Law
  • FIN 3205 Mineral Rights
  • GEOG 4109 Aerial Photo Interpretation of Cultural Features
  • or GEOG 4020 Aerial Photo Interpretation

The educational requirements to become licensed as a professional land surveyor are established by the LA Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board. At least one course in Real Estate/Real Property law is now required by LAPELS. This may be satisfied by either taking undergraduate course work in the Finance Department or by graduate course work by admittance into the Law School. Students completing this minor along with a baccalaureate degree in any curriculum meet these requirements.

Support for this Minor provided by Microsearch Corp. in the form of free licensing of their GeoLab surveying software.