Presentations: 2016


The future of policy and regulation.
David E. Dismukes, Ph.D.
Unlocking the Treasures of Utility Regulation, Annual Meeting
National Conference of Regulatory Attorneys, Tampa, Florida
20 June 2016

Oil and Gas Prices and Louisiana’s Fiscal Outlook.
Gregory B. Upton Jr., Ph.D.
National Federation of Municipal Analysts (NFMA). Annual Conference 2016. Chicago, IL
6 May 2016

Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Utility Rate Design: the devil's in the details.
Gregory B. Upton Jr., Ph.D.
Louisiana Alternative Fuels Conference & Expo 2016. Lafayette, LA.
14 April 2016

The Evolution of the Louisiana Tax Structure
Dr. Jim Richardson and Gregory B. Upton Jr., Ph.D.
Presentation to Task Force on Structural Change
Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge, LA.
8 April 2016

Oil Prices and the Louisiana Budget Crisis: Culprit or Scapegoat?
Gregory B. Upton Jr., Ph.D.
Cenla Chamber of Commerce. Alexandria, LA.
6 April 2016

The Local Economic Impacts of Natural Resource Extraction
Mallory C. Vachon, PhD
Emerging Issues at the Intersection of Energy and Natural Resources
Symposium hosted by the LSU John P. Laborde Energy Law Center
4 March 2016