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Core User Facilities (CUF)

Core User Facilities (CUF)


The Core User Facilities (CUF) consist of a collection of advanced manufacturing and metrology centers that help forward advanced materials, manufacturing, and research for university researchers and industry. The CUFs comprise an ecosystem of four cost-recovery centers, including the Advanced Manufacturing and Machining Facility (AMMF); the Materials Manufacturing, Testing, and Evaluation Facility (MMTEF); the Shared Instrumentation Facility (SIF); and the Institute for Micro-Manufacturing at LA Tech. The CUF Members participate in and contribute to educational and outreach activities as part of the Consortium for Innovation in Manufacturing & Materials (CIMM) Program while supporting fundamental progress in manufacturing and materials research. The CUF provide a lasting and sustainable platform for integration that is accessible to researchers across the state of Louisiana and in industry.

The CUF Mission encompasses the following objectives:

  • Provide access to sustainable, dedicated, state-of-the-art, experimental facilities for research and development in advanced manufacturing.
  • Develop and establish sustainable advanced manufacturing training and education programs based on the CIMM-CUF material and human resources.
  • Continuously incorporate new experimental facilities relevant to advanced manufacturing so as to continuously make the state-of-the-art available to its academic, industrial and government customers.

Advanced Manufacturing and Machining Facility (AMMF)

An 8,000 square-foot facility that houses equipment for multi-axes micro-milling, additive manufacturing of plastics and metals, injection molding, CNC, and welding. The AMMF is a founding member of the CIMM-CUF.



Materials Manufacturing, Testing, and Evaluation Facility (MMTEF)

A 6,000 square-foot facility capable of non-destructive materials testing and evaluation, thin-film coating and manufacturing, and metal powder synthesis. The MMTEF is a founding member of the CIMM-CUF.


Shared Instrumentation Facility (SIF)

A 3,000 square-foot facility that houses equipment for materials characterization, non-machining, optical microscopy, and nano-fabrication. The SIF is a founding member of the CIMM-CUF.





Institute for Micromanufacturing at LA Tech (IfM)

A 48,000 square-foot laboratory and a 5,000 square-foot clean room that houses equipment for materials characterization, measurements, nano-fabrication and evaluation, and optical microscopy. The IfM is a founding member of the CIMM-CUF.


Charter of the Louisiana State-Wide Consortium for Innovation in Materials Manufacturing (CIMM) Core User Facilities (CUF)

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Charter Document


CUF Equipment Inventory

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CUF Equipment Inventory





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