The Department maintains active partnerships in education and research. Partnerships consist of international institutions abroad, many domestic institutions, and industries.

Chair's Circle of Sustaining Partners


Phillips 66 has been one of the valuable long term partners of the Mechanical Engineering program and the MIE Department. P66 investment includes offering and sponsoring industry-relevant and entrepreneurial Capstone Design projects per year since 2011, sponsoring the annual Capstone Fair since its inception in 2011, funding two graduate Teaching Assistants per year in support of ME undergraduate lab courses every year since 2009, and contributing members to the ME Capstone Design Review Panel. In addition P66 is a regular contributor to the Frmula SAE TigerRacing Club and the ASME Student Chapter.
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Chevron has been one of the valuable long term partners of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering programs and the MIE Department. Chevron investment includes a major gift towards the upgrade and renewal of the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Laboratories in 2015, sponsoring one Capstone Design project per year since 2014, funding undergraduate scholarships for many years, and contributing to the MIE Departmental general fund, which supports student and faculty educational and research activities. In addition Chevron is a regular contributor to the ASME Student Chapter.
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ExxonMobil has been a valuable long term partner of the Mechanical Engineering program and the MIE Department. ExxonMobil investment includes offering and sponsoring Capstone Design projects, partially funding of Capstone Design projects every year with emphasis on student inspired projects, and contributing funds for graduate Teaching Assistants in support of ME undergraduate lab courses. Furthermore, ExxonMobil also contributes regularly to the ASME Student Chapter, the Formula SAE TigerRacing Student Club, and the MIE Departmental general fund, which supports student and faculty educational and research activities. ExxonMobil also contributes members to the ME Industrial Advisory Council and the ME Capstone Design Review Panel.
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       DOW DOW Chemical has been one of the valuable long term partners of the Mechanical Engineering program and the MIE Department. DOW investment includes offering and sponsoring one or two industry-relevant Capstone Design projects every year since 2011. Furthermore, DOW also contributes regularly to the ASME Student Chapter, the Formula SAE TigerRacing Student Club, the Bayou Bengals SAE Mini-Baja teams, and the MIE Departmental general fund, which supports student and faculty educational and research activities. DOW also contributes members to the ME Industrial Advisory Council and the ME Capstone Design Review Panel.
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                     Shell Royal Dutch Shell  has been one of the valuable long term partners of the Mechanical Engineering program and the MIE Department. Shell investment includes continuous annual funding of graduate scholarships for the ME Accelerated (3/2) Master's Program since its inception in 2004,  funding for graduate Teaching Assistants in support of ME undergraduate lab courses, and contributing members to the ME Industrial Advisory Council and the ME Capstone Design Review Panel.
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Sustaining Partners

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ConocoPhillips Marathon  CITGO


Legacy Partners

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Cameron Baker-Hughes DuPont


Partnership Evidence and Investments 

Phillips 66

P66 Founding and continuing annual sponsor since 2012 of the ME Capstone Design Project Fair  - an event where students are introduced to proposed projects to undertake in the Capstone "Senior" Design course sequence (ME4243/EE4820, ME4202/EE4810).

P66 Phillips 66 has contributed its Code of Business and Conduct document, which is now the official code for the ME Capstone Design Program and the associated course sequence (ME4243/ME4202).

P66 Founding and continuing annual sponsor since 2009 of two ME Teaching Assistants for ME courses with a laboratory component. (* under ConocoPhillips until 2011-12)

ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2018; P66 Lab Section TA: Brown, Emily
ME4243 - Capstone Design I; Fall 2017; P66 Lab Section TA: Poynot, Joseph
ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2017; P66 Lab Section TA: Primeaux, Philip
ME4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2016P66 Lab Section TA: RobertsJames
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2016; P66 Lab Section TA: Robbins, Justin
ME3701 - Materials Lab; Fall 2015; P66 Lab Section TA: PrimeauxPhilip
ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2015; P66 Lab Section TA: SayreBrian
ME4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2014P66 Lab Section TA: HuggetDaniel
ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2014; P66 Lab Section TA: Eikhuemelo, Hilary
ME4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2013P66 Lab Section TA: HymelPaul
ME4202 - Capstone Design II; Spring 2013; P66 Lab Section TA: Boudreaux, Jace
ME4621 - Thermal Science Lab; Fall 2012; P66 Lab Section TA: Meyers, Shiloh
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2012P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME4243 - Capstone Design I; Fall 2011; P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2011P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Fall 2011P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2010P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Fall 2010P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Fall 2009P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Fall 2009P66 Lab Section TA: Brown, Christopher

P66 Capstone Design Project and Program continuous contributions and sponsorship since 2011:

2017-18 P66Project/Team #35: "Subaquatic Surveying ROV"
P66 Mentor: Patrick Laley
Students: Carazo, Nicholas G (ME); Garitty, Nicholas (EE); LeBlanc, Brandon (EE); Lim, Josiah Da-Ren (ME); Loupe, Truman Jack (ME); Populus, Aaron Matthew (ME); Stamey, Bryan (EEC); Xie, Jason D (ME).

2017-18 P66Project/Team #36: "Rough Around the Edges - Abrasion Mitigation"
P66 Mentor: John Darbonne
Students: Cabezon, Deva Aria (ME); Ma, Vanson (ME); Niedbalski, Kathleen Bridge (ME); Tedesco, Victor Emmanuel V (ME).

2016-17 P66Project/Team #35: "Sump Debris Removal"
P66 Mentor: Thomas Sparks
Students: Callihan, Kevin (ECE); Fletcher, Austin (ME); Mansfield, Colin (ME); Marceaux, Holden (ME); Percle, Austin (ME); Seeds, Charles (ECE).

2016-17 P66Project/Team #36: "Hands-off Chicken Coop"
P66 Mentor: John Darbonne
Students: Comardelle , Brett (ECE); Costanzo, Bryan (ME); Duplantis, Corinne (ME); Epperson, Daniel (ME); Pickett, Logan (ME); Storey, Kayleigh (ECE).

2015-16 P66Project/Team #35: "Heat Capacitance Testing Device"
P66 Mentor: Jennifer Farque
Students: Adams, Steven (ECE); Das, Tathagata (ME); Favrot, Trevor William (ME); Larsen, Brooke (ME); Lockett, Kenneth (ECE); Nguyen, Tien-Tommy Duc (ME).

2015-16 P66Project/Team #36: "Perfect Crawfish"
P66 Mentor: Patrick Laley
Students: Becnel, Lauren Elizabeth (ME); Fulkerson, Steven Paul (ME); Hill, Jared (ECE); Martinez, Ashley Anne (ME); McAlpine, Raymond (ECE); Oliver, Cara Leigh (ME); Thomas, Grant (ECE); Tisdale, Joshua Allen (ME); Vu, Lisa Trang (ME).

2014-15 P66Project/Team #19: "Automatic Lawnmower II"
P66 Mentor: Kelly Goudeau
Students: Aultman, Martha (ECE); Bellard, Andrew B (ME); Bosworth, Steven J (ME); Parker, Justin James (ME); Stokes, Tim (ECE).

2014-15 P66Project/Team #25: "Rotary Kiln Training Tool"
P66 Mentor: Kelly Goudeau
Students: Darbonne, John William (ME); Lee, Jacob Gah Kuan (ME); Thurnau, Jaron Aury (ME); Tisdale, Joshua Allen (ME); Vied, Gregory Mouton (ME).

2013-14 P66Project/Team #23: "Kiln Hotspot Management"
P66 Mentor: Jennifer Farque
Students: Aultman, Martha (ECE); Bellard, Andrew B (ME); Bosworth, Steven J (ME); Parker, Justin James (ME); Stokes, Tim (ECE).

2013-14 P66Project/Team #24: "Automatic Lawnmower I"
P66 Mentor: Kelly Goudeau
Students: Angelle, Evan Christopher (ME); Gantt, Paul Avery III (ME); Gordillo, Jonathan Figueroa (ME); Kopcso, Daniel (EE); McBride, Sean Robert (ME); Nunez, Eduardo Xavier (ME); Raymond, Alex (EE).

2012-13 P66Project/Team #17: "Portable Ice Chest/Ice Maker"
P66 Mentor: Kelly Goudeau
Students: Menard, Steven (ME); Placzek, Alexander (ME); Schnauder, Kenneth (ME); Stogner, Jeremy (ME).

2012-13 P66Project/Team #20: "Multi-directional Tank Cleaning Tool"
P66 Mentor: Dustin Willis
Students: Barrilleaux, Robert (ME); Boudreaux, Taylor (ME); Breaux, Eric (ME); Dantin, Justin (ME); Laley Patrick (ME).

2011-12 P66Project/Team #26: "Test Stand for Valves in Solids Service"
P66 (while under ConocoPhillips) Mentor: Dustin Willis
Students: Bayer, Christoph James (ME); Berroteran, William Alfred (ME); Goudeau, Kelly Joseph (ME); Ingram, Marc Daniel (ME); Reeves, Christopher Joseph (ME); Reynolds, Andrew Harry (ME); Beal, William (EE).

2011-12 P66Project/Team #27: "Perpetual Motion Rocking Chair"
P66 (while under ConocoPhillips) Mentor: Jennifer Farque
Students: Dwyer, Ryan Daniel (ME); Gautreau, Lucas Morgan (ME); Kingrey, Scott Mitchell (ME); Walker, Adam Paul (ME).



Chevron  Fundiung in support of Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Laboratory upgrades:

ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab: Chevron Gas Turbine Generator Experiment.
ME3633 - Manufacturing Processes Lab and ME4202 - Capstone II Lab: Chevron FormLabs 4 Stereolithographic 3D Printer.
ME3633 - Manufacturing Processes Lab and ME4202 - Capstone II Lab: Chevron Compressor for Compressed Air Supply for Labs.

ME3633 - Manufacturing Processes Lab and ME4202 - Capstone II Lab: Chevron Collaborative Robotic Arm for Arc-Welding 3D Printing.
ME4243/ME4202 - Capstone I & II Labs: Chevron Portable Flat Screen Stations for Team Presentation Practice.
ME4621 - Thermal Sciences Lab: Closed-Loop, Chevron Low-Speed Wind-Tunnel Equipment and Sheet Metal-Work.
ME4621 - Thermal Sciences Lab: Chevron Reynolds Demonsration Experiment.

 Chevron Capstone Design Project and Program continuous contributions and sponsorship since 2014:

2017-18 Chevron Project/Team #13: "3D-Printed Metal Micro-Reactors"
Students: Doucet, Grant Noel (ME); O'Connor , Errin Marielle (ME); Peterson, Andrew (ChE); Rabalais, Michael Joseph (ME).

2016-17 Chevron Project/Team #13: "Micro-Mixer Reactor"
Students: Caronia, Parker (ME); Deville, David (ME); Ellis, Sarah (ME); Gates, Daniel (ME).

2015-16 Chevron Project/Team #32: "A Closed-Loop, Low-Speed Wind-Tunnel for the ME Thermal Sciences Lab (ME4621)"
Chevron Mentor: Jordan Bergeron
Students: Auzenne, Jonathan Gareth (ME); Cook, Jacob (ECE); Daigrepont, Tyler (ECE); Hancock, Spencer (ECE); Herwig, Nathan Dane (ME); McIntyre, Grant Tyler (ME); Travis, Brandon Edward (ME); Wilkinson, Kelsey Michelle (ME).

2014-15 Chevron Project/Team #34: "An experiment for ME4621 (Thermal Science Lab)"
Chevron Mentor: Jordan Bergeron
Students: Fitzmorris, Claire Kathleen (ME); Francois, Andrew Joseph (ME); Garcia, Roberto (ECE); Janice, Chance A (ME); Primeaux, Philip Alan (ME); Wilkes, Scott Joseph (ME).

 Chevron Chevron Scholarships for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Students:

2017-18 Chevron Scholars - Huber, Kyle; Collins, Seth; Toomey, Shane; MacPherson, Catherine; Jones, Hansen (Graduate).
2016-17 Chevron Scholars - Dang, Binh; Khattab, Karim; Sedky, Girguis; Veal, Eddie; Collins, Seth; Maynard, Marissa (IE); Megilligan, Alissa (IE), Power, Brandon (IE), Roy, Shelby (IE).
2015-16 Chevron Scholars
Alford, Aaron; Chen, Fuwei; Gegenheimer, James; Hendrickson, Aida.
2014-15 Chevron Scholars - Gegenheimer, James; Theriot, Matthew; Darbonne, John; Alford, Aaron; Chen, Fuwei; Werner, Rebecca.
2013-14 Chevron Scholars - Zhao, Yue "Kenny"; Neitzke, Hannah.
2012-13 Chevron Scholars - Gonzalez, Carlos; Stewart, Virginia.
2011-12 Chevron Scholars - Hollander, Steven;
Richard, Jason.
2010-11 Chevron Scholars - Gilbert, John; Foreman, Christopher.
2009-10 Chevron Scholars - Fry, Mark B.; Gilbert, John; Foreman, Christopher.
2008-09 Chevron Scholars - O’Dwyer, Brad; Giles, Paul J.



ExxonMobil  Support for Capstone Design Projects Inspired or Solicited by Students (Partial Sponsorship):
                      ExxonMobil Champions: Mike Burcham, Mike Borgmeyer

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #12: "Rowing Device for Canoe"
Champagne, Bradley Francis (ME); Champion, Hailey Ann (ME); Chan, Kapan Pan (ME); Lewis, Emily A (ME).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #45: "Campus Campervan"
Alhasani, Hisham Salim (ME); Alvendia, Paul (EE); Armstrong, Dwayne (EE); Crouch, Eric (ME); del Corral, Quinn Paul (ME); Figueroa, Nicolas Patrick (ME); Mohammed, Mohammed (EE); Roberts, Matthew Craig (ME); Thaler, Charles Kieff (ME).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #43: "Beach Accessibility for a Young Woman in a Wheel Chair"
Al Lawati, Qusai Mohammed H (ME); Bordelon, Julian (EE); Jordan, Kyle Keith (ME); Tanh, Brian Sang (ME); VanSickel, Blaize (EE).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #24: "'Chandler's' NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge"
Cabes, Scott (IE); Caruso, Nicholas Paul (ME); Cordero, Dianelis (IE); Cousin, Natalie Claire (ME); Dehesa, Darren Anthony Jr (ME); Edwards, Katheen Mathilde (ME); Elkins, Blake James (ME); Hensarling , Richard  Neal II (ME); Landaiche, Luke Thomas (ME); O'Neal, Hayden R (ME).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #7: "Julian wants to play basketball II"
Cates, Taylor Lee (ME); Hu, Wenxiu (EEC); Moncrief, Raigyne (EE); Munoz, David (EE).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #25: "SAE Aero Design (Regular Class)"
Barletter, Benjamin Keith (ME); Hendrickson, Aida Marie (ME); Larouche, Daniel (EE); Mocklin, Gregory I (ME); Namba, Toshiaki (EE); Sehrt, Ethan Taylor (ME); Vo, Andy (EE).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #27: "SAE Mini-Baja"
Alem, Samir Hilmi (ME); Campesi, Jacob D (ME); Figueroa, Adrian Ale (ME); Heaphy, Britain Alexander (ME); Richardson, Ned Ned II (ME); Savoy, Jacob Scott (ME); Tate, Josh Lee (ME).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #46: "LN2 Generator"
Abbott, William  Branch (ME); Andrus, Trent M (ME); Ellefson, Chase (ChE); Gomez-Pineiro, Juan (EEC); Landwehr, Grant (ChE); Luu, Danirl   (EE); Mire, Jonathan (EE); Simms, Jeffrey Ian (ME).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #47: "Chem-E Car 2018"
Al-Ajmi, Mustafa Ahmed Huss (ME); Brignac, Nathan (EE); Burchfield, Zachary (EE); Cadigan, Bridget (ChE); Lewis, David Christopher (ME); Quiring, David (ChE); Taylor, Katrina (ChE); Walsh, Matthew Burns (ME).

2016-17 ExxonMobil Project/Team #5: "Vertical, Automated Hydroponics Growing Prototype"
Baudoin, Kevin (ECE); Brumfield, Chase (ME); Enamorado, Sergio (ME); Fairchild, Andrew (ME); Mobley, Joshua (ECE); Ogunniyi, Adeolu (ME); Proctor, Ashton (ECE).

2016-17 ExxonMobil Project/Team #8: "Power Wheel Chair Trainer"
Benoit, Matthew (ECE); Campos, Eric (ME); Chen, Jerry (ECE); D'Antoni, Auldyn (ME).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #6: "Julian wants to Paint"
Students: Coleman, Blake (ECE); Lepkowski, Daniel (ECE); Olsen, Nicholas Riley (ME); St Julien, Jessica East (ME).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #7: "Julian wants to play basketball"
Students: Becnel, Brandt James (ME); Bellard, Andrew B (ME); Gonthier, Blake A (ME); Hillyard, Spencer Cole (ME); Hirezi, Sameer Daniel (ECE); Nettles, Darriel (ECE); Simoneaux, Jessica Anne (ME); Steib, Marion Jean III (ECE).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #17: "Autonomous Coliform Test Device"
Students: Arnold, Christopher Nathan (ME); Hastings, Jeffrey William (ME); Labat, Jace (ECE); Reed, Phillip (ECE); Rozas, Alec Joan (ME).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #24: "'Chandler's' NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge"
Students: Finnegan, Colin James (ME); Medina, Giselle Marie (ME); Pousson, Evin Mitchell (ME); Pugsley Campbell (ME); Vaccarella, Carson Luke (ME); Werner, Rebecca Crane (ME).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #25: "SAE Aero Design (Regular Class)"
Students: Bossier, Samuel Houston (ME); Chen, Fuwei (ME); Gillen, Collin Andrew (ME); Levy, Robert M (ME); Trosclair, Nicole (ECE); Walsh, Sean Thomas (ME); Young, Alex (ECE).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #27: "SAE Mini-Baja"
Students: Barrie, Matthew Michael (ME); Carreras, Brandon A (ME); Grace, Michael Kiniry (ME); Jarreau, Ryan M (ME); Kirkland, Daniel M (ME); Massey, John Lucas (ME); Messina, Samuel (ECE); Blough, Derek Michael (ME); Dempsey, Austen Taylor (ME); Greer, Nicholas Alexander (ME); Hamilton, Ricky Tyrone (ME); Rhodes, Rachel Anne (ME); Roy, Austin Patrick (ME).

ExxonMobil  Capstone Design Project and Program contributions and sponsorship

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #23: "Lightweight Automated Canned Pet Food Dispenser"
ExxonMobil Sponsor: Brian Blades
Students: Cain, Carrington Christyn (ME); Carr, Kathryn Marie (ME); Esteve, Aaron Joseph (ME); Nguyen, Minh (ECE); Pyles, Jessica Lauren (ME); Ricks, Mikel George (ME); Smitherman, Jacob (ECE).

2010-11 ExxonMobil Project/Team #1: "Next Generation Paint-Ball Gun"
ExxonMobil Sponsors: Mr. Brian Blades, Mr. James Frens, Mr. Darryl Pope.
Students: Gilbert, John (ME); Gilbert, Nicholas (ME); Mathews, Edwin (ME).

2010-11 ExxonMobil Project/Team #8: "Test Rig For Characterization of Elastomeric Couplings"
ExxonMobil Sponsors: Phil Knieper, Michael Wright.
Students: Arnondin, Matthew (ME); Barleycorn, David (ME); Burford, Todd (ME); Castagnos, Jess (ME); Lagarde, Lee (ME); Skal, Brant (ME).

2009-10 ExxonMobil Project/Team #8: "Temporary Piping Flange Clamp For Hot Bolting"
ExxonMobil Sponsors: Mr. C. Bush; Mr. Clifford Hay.
Students: Allen, Jared (ME); Bastidas, Fernando (ME); Bauer, Gary (ME); Bergman, Hans (ME); Le, Truc (ME); O'Callahan, Ryan (ME).

2009-10 ExxonMobil Project/Team #7: "Rolling Element Bearing Test Facility"
ExxonMobil Sponsors: Mr. Chris Zielewski.
Students: Blouin, Brett (ME); Bocock, Brittany (ME); Campbell, Andrew (ME); Celestin, Carey (ME); McCloskey, Mitchel (ME).

2009-10 ExxonMobil Project/Team #3: "Mobile Deer Stand"
ExxonMobil Sponsors: Mr. Brian Blades, Mr. James Frens, Mr. Darryl Pope.
Students: Beard, Elizabeth (ME); Fry, Mark (ME); Toujouse, Eric (ME); Tourres, Jack (ME).

ExxonMobil  ME Teaching Assistants for ME Courses.

ME4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2015; ExxonMobil Lab Section TA: Walker, Eamonn
ME4611 - Thermal Systems
 Lab; Spring 2015; ExxonMobil Lab Section TA: Jessee, Robert
ME4202 - Capstone Design II; Spring 2015; ExxonMobil Lab Section TA: Kinler, Ryan
ME4244 - Machine Design II; Spring 2015; ExxonMobil Section TA: Hugget, Daniel
ME3603 - 
Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2012; ExxonMobil Lab Section TA: Lowery, Brooks
ME4202 - Capstone Design II; Spring 2010; ExxonMobil Lab Section TA: Lowery, Brooks
ME4244 - Machine Design II; Spring 2010; ExxonMobil Section TA: Maha, Amit

ExxonMobil  ExxonMobil Scholarships for Mechanical Engineering Students:

2011-12 ExxonMobil Scholar - Scheibal, Samuel


DOW Chemical

DOW Capstone Design Project and Program continuous contributions and sponsorship since 2013:

2017-18 DOWProject/Team #34: "Prevention of crush injuries from motorized aerial lift equipment"
DOW Mentor: Tony Brouillette
Students: Brocato, Thomas (EE); Cardinal, James (EE); Colomb, Stephen Elliott (ME); DeGeneres, David Jackson (ME); Gioe, Jonathan Michael (ME); Leyton, Alejandro Rafael (ME); Roberts, Zachary (EEC); Rodriguez, Rodrigo J Jr (ME).

2016-17 DOWProject/Team #34: "Reliability and Productivity Improvements of Bolted Flange Joint Assembly Alternative Tightening Sequences"
DOW Mentor: Tony Brouillette
Students: Cole, Mason (ME); Johnson III, Walter (ME); Rozum, Patrick (ME); Shanks, Jonathan (ME); Veazey, Benjamin (ME).

2015-16 DOWProject/Team #34: "Portable Mobile Hoist"
DOW Mentor: Tony Brouillette
Students: Bacchus, Sasha Amelia (ME); Brady, Chris Quinnon (ME); Champagne, James Paul (ME); Faulkner, Samantha Danielle (ME); Menard, John Alexander (ME); Perkins, Andrew Timothy (ME); Texada, Parker Davis (ME).

2014-15 DOWProject/Team #20: "Analyzing and Improving the Mechanical Integrity of Carbon Steel Piping Systems"
DOW Mentor: Tony Brouillette
Students: Addison, William Walter II (ME); Giroir, Rachelle Gay (ME); Goldberg, Leslie Erin (ME); Murphy, Jake Alan (ME); Pantiushenko, Inna (ME); Zielewski, Kenneth Andrew (ME).

2014-15 DOWProject/Team #21: "Field Use Wood Density NDT Device"
DOW Mentor: Scott Reech
Students: Dobbs, Jared C (ME); Huskins, Payton (ECE); Johnston, Michael David (ME); Little, Jack Ransome III (ME); McCloskey, Michael J (ME); Thibodeaux, Austin James (ME).

2014-15 DOWProject/Team #22: "Automated Tank Cleaner"
DOW sponsored and enabled testing of the design with help from: Tyler Bargas; Joe Hanna; Dale Gravouilla
Students: Alsowayigh, Abdulaziz M (ME); Avera, William Justin (ME); Coe, Rayne (ECE); Dupree, Ronald (ECE); Kenney, Mark Beaulieu (ME); Kirkwood, Robert Karl (ME); Pittman, Morgan Elizabeth (ME); Sander, Phillip (ECE).

2013-14 DOWProject/Team #6: "Automation of NDE Equipment used to Detect Corrosion Under Insulation of Piping"
DOW Mentor: Tony Brouillette
Students: Brown, Christopher David (ME); Decoteau, Chase Christophe (ME); Michon, Shane Andrew (ME); Peters, Ryan Dean (ME).

2013-14 DOWProject/Team #7: "Compact Mobile Hoist"
DOW Mentor: Scott Reech
Students: Duvic, Frank Roger IV (ME); Gouner, Steven Michael (ME); Heltz, Nicklaus D (ME); Koederitz, William Thomas (ME); Lassus, Ryan Patrick (ME).


Royal Dutch Shell

Shell  Accelerated (3/2) Masters Program Scholarships

2016-17 Shell Scholar: Duplantis, Corinne
2014-15 Shell Scholar: Gegenheimer, James
2013-14 Shell Scholars: Gonzalez, Carlos; Koederitz, William
2012-13 Shell Scholars: Hymel, Paul; Mehdi, Jishnu
2008-09 Shell Scholars: King, Abraham M.; Meyer, Ryan M.; Balaji, Santana K.

Shell  ME Teaching Assistants for ME Courses.

ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2018; Shell Lab Section TA: Primeaux, Philip
ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2018; Shell Lab Section TA: Brown, Emily
ME4183 - Controls; Fall 2017; Shell Section TA: Fernandez-Kim, Victor
ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2017; Shell Lab Section TA: Jones, Hansen
ME4621 - Thermal Systems Lab; Fall 2015; Shell Lab Section TA: Robins, Justin
ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2014; Shell Lab Section TA: Hymel, Paul
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2014; Shell Lab Section TA: Hymel, Paul
ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2013; Shell Lab Section TA: Williams, Paul
ME4202 - Capstone Design II; Spring 2013; Shell Lab Section TA: Cobb, Steven
ME4621 - Thermal Systems Lab; Fall 2012; Shell Lab Section TA: Cobb, Steven
ME4243 - Capstone Design I; Fall 2012; Shell Lab Section TA: Upadhyay, Jagannath "Jay"
ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2012; Shell Lab Section TA: Lowery, Brooks
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2012; Shell Lab Section TA: Boudreaux, Jace
ME4202 - Capstone Design II; Spring 2012; Shell Lab Section TA: Gilbert, John
ME4243 - Capstone Design I; Fall 2011; Shell Lab Section TA: Brown, Christopher
ME4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2011; Shell Lab Section TA: Brown, Christopher
ME4621 - Thermal Systems Lab; Fall 2011; Shell Lab Section TA: Dupree, James
ME4621 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2011; Shell Lab Section #4 TA: Wells, Lem
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2011; Shell Lab Section #5 TA: Wells, Lem

4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2010; Shell Lab Section TA: Lowery, Brooks
ME4621 Thermal Science Lab; Fall 2010; Shell Lab Section TA: Wells, Lem
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2010; Shell Lab Section TA: Crochet, Michael



ConocoPhillips Founding and continuing annual sponsor since 2009 of ME Teaching Assistants for ME courses with a laboratory component.

ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2016; ConocoPhillips Lab Section TA: Primeaux, Philip
ME4243 - Capstone Design I; Fall 2014; ConocoPhillips Lab Section TA: King, Sean

ME3701 - Materials Lab; Fall 2013; ConocoPhillips Lab Section TA: Williams, Paul
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2012; ConocoPhillips Lab Section TA: Brumfield, Lance
*ME4243 - Capstone Design I; Fall 2011; ConocoPhillips Lab Section TA: Brumfield, Lance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2011; ConocoPhillips Lab Section TA: Brumfield, Lance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2010; ConocoPhillips Lab Section TA: Brumfield, Lance
*ME3701 - 
Materials Lab; Fall 2009; ConocoPhillips Lab Section TA: Brumfield, Lance
*ME4621 - Thermal Science Lab; Fall 2009; ConocoPhillips Lab Section TA: Brown, Christopher

ConocoPhillips Sponsor of ME Capstone Design Review Panel sessions since 2012. 



AlbemarleCapstone Design Project sponsorship

2009-10 AlbemarleProject/Team #11: "Pump Training Skid"
Cameron Sponsor/Mentor: Mr. Jason Bitting.
Students: Bawcom, Braden (ME); Dutch, Benjamin (ME); Watts, Dustin (ME).

2009-10 AlbemarleProject/Team #4: "Bio-Diesel Demonstrator"
Cameron Co-Sponsor: Mr. Jason Bitting.
Students: Anderman, Blake (ME); Griffiths, Richard (ME); Hull, Logan (ME); Lopez-Ona, Brian (ME), Lubag, Paulo (ME); Nguyen, Mike (ME); Verret, Scotty (ME).

 AlbemarleAnnual contributor to the ME Capstone Design Program since 2009.



Marathon Marathon Scholarships for Mechanical Engineering Students:

2017-18 Marathon Scholar - Fullilove, Nicholas
2016-17 Marathon Scholar - Duplantis, Corinne; Stokes, Aimee; Fullilove, Nicholas.
2015-16 Marathon Scholar - Favret, 
Jordan; Momodu, Aminat; Zeller, Emilly; Theriot, Matthew; Coker, Macie; Turk, Elaine; Zamin, Saiyada.
2014-15 Marathon Scholar - Dampier, Dustin; Pyles, Jessica; Burchard, Christopher; Arceneaux, Charles III; Dehesa, Darren; Landaiche, Luke; LeJeune, Joseph.
2013-1Marathon Scholar - Stewart, Virginia.
2012-13 Marathon Scholar - Ferrara, Douglas.
2011-12 Marathon Scholar - Marx, 
Rebecca; Weimer, Cassandra; Pala, Wariya; Wood, Kevin.
2010-11 Marathon Scholar - Scheibal, Samuel; Meyer, Matthew.
2009-10 Marathon Scholar - Meyer, Matthew.
2008-09 Marathon Scholar - Breaux, Baine B.; Fry, Mark B.



CITGOCITGO Scholarships for Mechanical Engineering Students:

2017-18 CITGO Scholars - Stokes, Aimee; StPe, Luke.
2015-16 CITGO Scholars - Belhumeur, Noelle; Oliver, Cara; Quigley, Michael.
2014-15 CITGO Scholars - Favret, Jordan; Occhipinti, Dennis; Triay, Cameron; Dampier, Dustin.
2013-14 CITGO Scholars - Louth, Kevin; Porter, David; Primeaux, Phillip, Koederitz, William; Darbonne, John; Kinler, Ryan.
2011-12 CITGO Scholars - Moore, Shane; Anderson, Michael.
2010-1CITGO Scholars - Richard, Jason; Hood, Benjamin.



Cameron Capstone Design Project and Program continuous contributions and sponsorship during 2010-16.

2015-16 Cameron Project/Team #15: "Design Gasket Retention System in Subsea Collet Connector"
Cameron Mentor: Joe Gross.
Ankeny, Brandon Joseph (ME); Favret, Jordan Alicia (ME); Sherwin, Richard Scott (ME).

2014-15 Cameron Project/Team #28: "Control of Fastener Tension and Preload"
Cameron Mentors: Joe Gross; Brandon Nowak.
Cicardo, Cortland Ross (ME); O'Neill, Ian Anthony (ME); Sherwood, Derek Stanton (ME); Stewart, Virginia Frances (ME); Walton, Jack Alexander (ME).

2013-14 Cameron Project/Team #20: "Reduced Friction of Piston Rings in a Reciprocating Engine"
Cameron Mentor: John C. Bartos.
Beach, Trevor William (ME); Bouanchaud, Stephen Bernard (ME); Coffin, Jonathan Taylor (ME); Living, Jarrod Sebastian (ME); Miller, Mason Montgomery (ME).

2012-13 Cameron Project/Team #23: "Challenges to Subsea Systems due to Marine Growth and Calcification"
Cameron Mentor: John C. Bartos.
DeSanti Roger (BE); LeBlanc Zac (ME); Suliman Yousef (ME); Kissner Elizabeth (BE).

2011-12 Cameron Project/Team #19: "Gate-Valve Stem-Seal Field Replacement"
Cameron Mentors: John C. Bartos; Omar Kabir.
Students: Bowman, Kyle Evan (ME); Hinson, Aaron Connor (ME); Kelley, Dean Michael (ME).

2010-11 Cameron Project/Team #2: "Black Box Ejector for BOPs"
Cameron Mentors: Don Coonrod.
Students: Boudreaux, Jace (ME); Curson, Cory (EE); Cusimano, Josh (ME); Graves, Robert (EE); Johnson, Leonard (ME); McIlwain, Allan (ME); Morris, Taylor (ME); Okoro, Ifeanyi (ME), Yougoubare, Quentin (ME).

Cameron ME Teaching Assistants for ME Courses.

ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2010; Cameron Lab Section TA: Ho, Diane 


Baker-Hughes Baker-Hughes Scholarships for Mechanical Engineering Students:

2016-17 Baker-Hughes Scholar - Megilligan, Alissa (IE).
2015-16 Baker-Hughes Scholars - Baxter, Lauren; Darbonne, John; McPherson, Robert.
2014-15 Baker-Hughes Scholars - Burns, Lauren; Lutfallah, Stephanie; Megilligan, Alissa; Reddington, Victoria; Wheelock, Maxwell.
2011-12 Baker-Hughes Scholars - Primeaux, Phillip; Gonzalez, Carlos; Zhao, Yue "Kenny"; Stewart, Virginia.
2009-10 Baker-Hughes Scholar - Nguyen, Mike.
2008-09 Baker-Hughes Scholar Okoro, Ifeanyi.



BPME Teaching Assistants for ME Courses.

ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2012; BPLab Section TA: Dupree, James
ME4621 Thermal Science Lab; Fall 2010; BPLab Section TA: Rao, Sai
611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2010; BPLab Section TA: Dupree, James
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2010; BPLab Section TA: Brown, Christopher

BPBP Scholarships for Mechanical Engineering Students:

2011-12 BP Scholar - Meyer, Matthew



DuPont DuPont Scholarships for Mechanical Engineering Students:

2017-18 DuPont Scholars - Belanger, Michael; Eschete, Allen.
2015-16 DuPont Scholars - Childress, Abigail; Triay, Cameron.
2014-15 DuPont Scholars - Thevis, John II; Landaiche, Luke; Romero, Hugo; Sibley, Garrett; Emiko, George; Momodu, Aminat.
2008-09 DuPont Scholar - Beard, Elizabeth M.