CAMD Radiation Safety Test


CAMD Access Procedure:
All Training and Testing Material is for LSU CAMD Users ONLY!
Please complete at least two weeks prior to your arrival at CAMD.
  • Please enter your personal information in the spaces below.
  • After that, complete the Radiation Safety Test. This form can also be picked up and filled out in the CAMD front office, rm. 107
  • A minimum passing score is 80% (24 out of 30)
  • After completing the test, you will be notified by e-mail or telephone for further instructions.
  • You can prepare for this test by first reading the Radiation Safety Training Manual.
  • All fields are required to be filled in.
Note: All new applicants are required to provide a refundable deposit for the following:
  • Gate Key: $5.00 (if applicable)
  • Access Card: $10.00
Note: A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed for all Radiation Badges that are lost or returned late. Badges are routinely changed on a quarterly basis; July 1, Oct. 1, Jan. 1, and April 1.)

Please put Birth Date in mm/dd/yyyy format.

Please type the Phone Number in ###-###-#### format.

CAMD Employee you are afiliated with.

Institution, field of study

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