Office Furniture

Use of the following contracts is recommended to comply with standardization of furniture within departments and for quality assurances. Contract purchases are to be requisitioned to Procurement.

Purchase of Chairs Policy

The following table shows current state contracts for various types of office furniture.

Contract # Type of Furniture
408759 Wood Office Furniture - Inwood
408247 Wood Furniture, Mid-Range - Hon
409097 Modular Systems - Haworth
409250 Modular Systems - Herman Miller


University contracts also exist for Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Knoll* furniture. These contracts have some restrictions. Contact Procurement for additional information.

Before submitting a requisition to Procurement for modular systems furniture, contact David Maharrey at Facility Services, and then Michael Moore at the Office of Telecommunications. They will review your specs and layout to ensure it meets the electrical and network requirements of the University. Their approval must accompany your requisition.

*Knoll: Restricted to Athletic Administration, Frey Computing Services Center, and CEBA (E.J. Ourso College of Business Administration only) buildings.




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