Human Resource Training

Student Employment Partner

Student Employment Partners perform HR functions for student employees (Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Student Workers) for their assigned supervisory organization(s). Student Employment Partners are responsible for initiating position creation, job requisitions, job changes, hires, proposing compensation, background checks, organizational assignments, adding additional jobs, and termination for student employees.

Creating Requisitions and Managing Positions

The following resources provide instructions for creating and editing job requisitions and managing your open positions for student employees.

Create GA Job Requisition Quick Guide (PDF) updated 8/25/16
Create Job Requisition  (Students and GAs) (PDF updated 7/12/16 | Video updated 5/6/16)
Edit Job Requisition (PDF) updated 8/23/16
Close, Freeze, or Unfreeze Positions (PDF) updated 8/23/16
Change Job and Compensation Changes
The following resources provide instructions for continuing student employee jobs, moving student employees from one job to another, and modifying existing positions (editing job details, compensation, and costing allocation).
Change Job Quick Guide (PDF) updated 8/25/16
Change Job -  Work Study and President's Student Aid (PDF) updated 8/25/16
Change Job - Student to GA Conversion (PDF) updated 8/25/16
Request Compensation Change: Continuation (PDF updated 8/25/16 Video updated 5/6/16)
Adding Additional Job and One Time Payment
The following resources provide instructions for managing additional jobs for student employees who work mulitple jobs and how to process one time payments (lump sum).
Add Additional Job (PDF updated 4/27/16Video updated 5/6/16)
End Additional Job (Students and GAs)(PDF) updated 8/23/16
Switch Primary Job (PDF updated 4/27/16 Video updated 5/6/16)
One Time Payment (PDF) updated 8/25/16
Hiring and Onboarding
The following resources provide instructions for hiring and onboarding new student employees. Hiring and onboarding involves hiring a new student employee who is not currently working another position. To avoid creating duplicate employee record and to avoid causing payroll errors, please ensure that you are hiring off the employee's existing prehire profile, if one exists, instead of creating a new pre-hire profile. 
Hire Quick Guide (PDF) updated 8/25/16
Hire Student or GA (PDF updated 8/5/16 Video updated 5/6/16)
QuickStart Students and GAs (PDF) updated 8/23/16
I-9 Job Aid (PDF) updated 6/17/16
To Do: LSU ID Verification (Video updated 5/13/16)
Work Study and President's Student Aid
The following resources provide instructions for hiring or continuing students with Work Study, Community Service Work Study or President's Student Aid funding.
Change Job - Work Study and President's Student Aid (PDF) updated 8/25/16
Work Study and President's Student Aid Quick Guide (PDF) updated 8/23/16
Presidents Student Aid Costing Allocations (PDF) updated 8/23/16
Community Service Work Study Quick Guide (PDF) updated 7/12/16
Termination, Change in Source of Funds, Change in Organizations
The following resources provide instructions for terminating a student employee, changing the source of funds or account numbers used to fund a position (Costing Allocation), and updating the organizational assignments (Cost Center and Campus). Terminating student employees should only be performed when student will no longer be working at the university (i.e. graduation). 

Assign Costing Allocation (PDF updated 6/20/16 Video updated 5/6/16)
Change Organization Assignment (PDF) updated 8/23/16
Terminate Student or GA (PDF updated 8/25/16 Video updated 5/6/16)


The Timekeeper role provides responsibility for monitoring and managing time and absence for their assigned organizations. Timekeepers can monitor, enter, modify and delete time off and time entries on behalf of an eligible employee.

Timekeeper E-Course (Video) updated 5/5/16

Absence (Time Off)
Time Tracking Quick Guide for Timekeepers (PDF) updated 5/2/16
Enter Time Off (PDF) updated 6/22/16
Correct Time Off (PDF) updated 6/22/16
Place Worker on Leave (PDF) updated 5/12/16
FMLA Quick Guide (PDF) updated 6/23/16
FMLA Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) updated 6/23/16
Time Tracking
Time Tracking Quick Guide for Timekeepers (PDF) updated 6/22/16
Enter Time (PDF) updated 6/22/16
Correct Time (PDF) updated 6/22/16
Time Entry Codes (PDF) updated 6/23/16
Holidays Quick Guide (PDF) updated 6/23/16
Approving Time on Behalf of a Manager Quick Guide (PDF) updated 6/22/16
Comp, Overtime, Flex Schedules Quick Guide (PDF) updated 6/22/16
General Resources
Time & Absence Reports (PDF) updated 6/23/16

HR Specialist

The HR Specialist performs HR functions for classified, unclassified, other academic, faculty, transients and WAE employees for their assigned organization(s). HR Specialists have the Recruiting Coordinator, HR Analyst and, if applicable, the Academic Partner Workday security roles.

These security roles provide the ability to process recruiting, hires, compensation, and academic transactions in Workday for their assigned supervisory organizations.

General Resources
Workday 101 Video (Video) updated 6/29/16
HRS Crosswalk (PDF) updated 6/23/16
Reporting Tools Crosswalk (PDF) updated 7/20/16
Journal Line Details (PDF) updated 7/26/16
Edit Job Requisition (PDF) updated 8/23/16
Recruiting Quick Guide (PDF) updated 6/30/16
Recruiting to Hire Workflow (PDF) updated 6/23/16
Create Job Requisition (PDF) updated 8/23/16
Create Job Requisition (WAE and Transient) (PDF) updated 7/8/16
Job Requisition Flow Chart (PDF) updated 6/23/16
Job Application (PDF) updated 5/25/16
Job Application Work Flow (PDF) updated 6/23/16
Hiring & Employment
Creating Positions Quick Guide (PDF) updated 6/29/16
Create Position - HR Analyst (PDF) updated 8/23/16
Create Position Work Flow (PDF) updated 6/23/16
Hire (PDF) updated 7/1/16
Hire HR Analyst (WAE and Transient) (PDF) updated 6/29/16
Hire Work Flow (PDF) updated 6/23/16
Onboarding Work Flow (PDF) updated 6/23/16
QuickStart (PDF) updated 8/23/16

HCM Core
Add Job (PDF) updated 5/24/16
Compensation Actions Quick Guide (PDF) updated 6/23/16
Change Job - Job Details/Percent of Effort (PDF) updated 6/6/16
Change Job - Promotion (PDF) updated 6/6/16
Change Organization Assignments (PDF) updated 8/23/16
Location Change (PDF) updated 7/1/16
Move Worker (PDF) updated 7/20/16
Request Compensation Change (PDF) updated 6/6/16
Request Compensation Change (Continuation) (PDF) updated 5/24/16
Request One-time Payment - Lump Sum - Retirement (PDF) updated 6/6/16
Termination (PDF) updated 6/7/16
Add Academic Appointment (Professorships) (PDF) updated 8/4/16
Add Academic Appointment (Emeritus) (PDF) updated 6/28/16
Add Academic Appointment – New Hire (PDF) updated 8/5/16
Update Academic Appointment- Reappointment (PDF) updated 8/4/16
End Academic Appointment (PDF) updated 5/26/16
Place Worker on Leave (Academic) (PDF) updated5/26/16
Period Activity Pay (PDF) updated 7/8/16
Period of Appointment Quick Guide (PDF) updated 8/23/16
Request Compensation Change (Professorships) (PDF) updated 6/29/16
Request One Time Payment (Professorships) (PDF) updated 8/4/16


Reporting Tools Crosswalk (PDF) updated 7/20/16