Create an LSU Website

OU Campus

OU Campus, a product of Omni Update, is a content management solution created for higher education institutions. LSU launched OU Campus in June 2015, and has since been migrating sites from the previous CMS solution, Wordpress.

Process of Site Creation or Migration

Please contact Strategic Communications if you are interested in migrating a current site into OU Campus or if you would like to build a new site.


All new users must attend a training session before gaining access to a website. If you or someone in your department need access to a site, please register to OU Campus Dashboard Training. After users attend dashboard training, users will be required to attend WCMS Online Accessibility Training.



Currently we provide faculty sites through one of our Wordpress installs. If you are interested in building such a site, please email with your request.


All users in the university's implementation of Wordpress are required to attend WCMS Online Accessibility Training.

Affiliated Sites

Affiliated pages are those created by university recognized student, faculty or staff organizations. These pages are created and maintained by these units. The Division of Student Affairs determines which student organizations are recognized by the university.

Requirements for Affiliated Sites


OU Campus Dashboard Training

WCMS Online Accessibility Training