Formstack is LSU's new digital form solution. If you would like gain access to Formstack, please fill out the form below and the Formstack Administrator will contact you.

To embed a Formstack form onto an OU Campus webpage:

  1. Log into Formstack
  2. Click on the form you want to embed
  3. Click the "Share" tab in the upper right
  4. Under the Quick Start section, copy the code under the label "Embed this form on your website (JavaScript)"
  5. Log into OU Campus
  6. Navigate to Content > Assets
  7. Click the green "+New" button
  8. Click the Source Code option to create a new Source Code Asset
    1. In the name of your Asset, include your Department or Unit name or acronym, the name of the form, and "Formstack" to make it easy to locate in the future.
  9. Paste the copied code from Formstack into the Asset Content area
  10. Click the blue "Create" button in the bottom right of the screen
  11. Navigate to the page that you want to embed the form on in OU Campus
  12. Select "Edit"
  13. Select "Edit Main Content"
  14. Click on the asset icon from the toolbar and find your asset by entering the asset name in the filter field
  15. Click Insert
  16. Save
  17. Publish