Information for Referring Veterinarians 

How to Refer a Client to the VTH for Surgery

  1. Call the Small Animal Desk at 225-578-9600. Referring veterinarians have a dedicated telephone line for making referral appointments or reaching one of our clinicians about a possible referral. So, let the receptionist know that you ae a veterinarian calling to make a referral and you will then be transferred to the priority line. Our referral coordinator will return your call as quickly as possible.
  2. Upon speaking with an LSU veterinarian, please be sure to provide the following patient/client information:
    1. Client name and address
    2. Client telephone numbers
    3. Animal name, signalment, and reason for referral
  3. After speaking with an LSU veterinarian please feel free to schedule the appointment for the client or have the client call our receptionist to schedule an appointment.
  4. When the client and patient arrive for their appointment, send them with a completed Referral Form as well as any pertinent diagnostic results (such as laboratory tests, radiographs, etc...). 


More Information About Referrals

Click here for the Small Animal Referral Form


Your referrals are important to us!


Upon receiving a professional referral, we will make every attempt to return your call within one hour. However, if we are unable to come to the phone immediately we will either have someone else speak with you or return you call as soon as we are able. Please consider leaving an after-hours contact number if it is late in the day.


As the referring Veterinarian, your name will remain associated with your client's records throughout the duration of their care at LSU SVM and you will be kept fully updated of any further client visits, through telephone calls, fax, or written copies of the discharge instructions and visit summaries.


The Small Animal Surgery and Neurosurgical Service have scheduled appointments on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. 


The Soft Tissue Surgical Service has appointments on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Surgeries are generally scheduled the day following the appointment while emergencies (and urgent referrals) are fit in as needed.



Veterinarians wishing to contact an LSU veterinarian within the Small Animal Surgery Unit should do so by calling:


The Small Animal Clinic (225) 578-9600


Discharge Information and Access to Diagnostic Imaging


By referring patients to LSU SVM, you become an active partner with us in providing our students with excellent care material through the referral process. As this is the case, we greatly value your referrals and strive to provide you with a convenient referral process.


Discharge instructions summarizing results of diagnostic procedures, treatments, and recommendations for aftercare are routinely faxed to the referring clinic within 24 hours of discharge. Please contact us if you prefer to receive the instructions via e-mail or if you do not receive the documents in time.


If you have Internet access, you can review radiographs and CT scans of the animals you have referred to us. The radiographs should be posted on the web within 24 hours.



Emergencies and urgent referrals are seen 24 hours a day.


If you have an emergency or urgent consult during normal business hours (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) please inform the receptionist, who will then contact another staff Veterinarian to discuss the case with you, or we will return your call as soon as possible. However, we appreciate that you also work in a busy clinic and if you prefer not to wait on the telephone, please leave your number and allow us to contact you.


Between 5 PM and 8 AM the emergency veterinarian will attend to the animal. If emergency surgery is indicated, the emergency staff will notify the surgeons who are on-call. Otherwise, the animal will be treated by the emergency staff and transferred to the appropriate service the next business morning.