Call for Dogs with Chronic Cough


    Title: Evidence for Use of End Expiratory CT in dogs with Chronic Coughing


    Principal Investigators: M. Stewart, L.A. Granger, F. Gaschen, A. Hirsch, P. Queiroz, L. Gaschen


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    Description of study:

    Dogs with a history of a cough for at least 6 weeks and who are presented to LSU-SVM for evaluation of their chronic cough will be enrolled in this study to determine if a combined protocol including an inspiratory and an expiratory chest computed tomography (CT or CAT scan) can be used to diagnose the presence of bronchial (large airway) collapse. Dogs having suspected large airway collapse are often evaluated using bronchoscopy (fiber-optic video camera) as the test of choice. Dogs enrolled in this study would include those having bronchoscopy as part of the work-up for their chronic cough. These dogs would undergo chest CT, which is a rapid test that is expected to elicit no pain, under the same anesthetic event as their bronchoscopy. CT would have the added benefit of viewing parts of the chest that are inaccessible with bronchoscopy and may add further information as to the cause of chronic coughing.



    This study will cover the cost of the chest Computed Tomography (CT) Scan and referral visit physical exam fee. Owners are responsible for all other costs including but not limited to: x-rays, bronchoscopy and anesthesia package, bloodwork prior to anesthesia (within 2 weeks) and for inclusion into the study (heartworm test negative within past 6 months), and treatment(s).


    Inclusion into the study:

    Dogs of any breed having a chronic cough (lasting for more than 6 weeks) and a negative heartworm test within the past 6 months. Ultimately for inclusion into the study, the diagnosis must be a chronic cough due to airway related disease.


    Exclusion from the study:

    Dogs with a cough existing for less than 6 weeks will not be eligible. Dogs with a positive heartworm test within the past 6 months will not be eligible to participate in the study. Any diagnostic test proving mediastinal, pleural, cardiovascular, non-airway pulmonary, or esophageal disease as a cause of chronic coughing will be sufficient for exclusion from the study.


    For questions or enrollment information, please contact the primary investigators at or