Call for Dogs with Cancer


    Title: Examining the Efficacy of a Novel Drug (CM101) for Treatment of Canine Cancer


    Principal Investigators

    B. Boudreaux, R. Stout


    Description of the Study

    This clinical trial will study the effects of a novel compound (CM101) to treat cancer in dogs. This compound is unique in its mechanism of action compared with other standard chemotherapy drugs in that it works by attacking the blood supply to the tumor. Enrolled patients will undergo therapy over a 12 week period. At the end of the 12 weeks, measurements of the cancer will be obtained and compared with measurements taken at the beginning of therapy to assess the effectiveness of the therapy.



    The study will cover the cost of 12 treatments of the test compound including cost of drug delivery as well as blood work, physical exams, office visits, and diagnostic imaging after enrollment. Further details of items covered, or not, can be discussed at the time of request for enrollment.


    Inclusion into the Study

    Dogs with cancer with a confirmed diagnosis and at least 7 weeks of life expectancy. The cancer must be a solid tumor/tumors that can be measured physically or with some diagnostic imaging modality. Dogs currently on some other treatment modality will be considered for inclusion.


    To find out more about the study and the possibility of enrolling your pet/patient contact the LSU Small Animal Clinic (225-578-9600) to schedule an Oncology Appointment. RDVMs please contact the Oncology Service Directly.