Laminitis and Stem Cells

The laminitis project looks to characterize equine hoof laminar progenitor cells from normal and laminitic hooves. Involved assays are cell doubling assays, differentiation assays, qRT-PCR, flow cytometry, transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) assays. We found those cells share similar in vitro cell expansion and plasticity with other reported progenitor cells and they present both ectodermal and mesodermal characteristics.

Figure 1: Equine hoof progenitor cells stained with actin antibody conjugated with 488 fluorescent dye. DAPI nuclear stain. Bar = 100um

Figure2: Equine hoof progenitor cell from normal hoof under transmission electron microscope. Mag = 10000X

Equine hoof progenitor cells

Figure 1

Equine hoof progenitor cells

Figure 2