Laboratory for Equine & Comparative Orthopedic Research (LECOR)

The Laboratory for Equine and Comparative Orthopedic Research is a multifaceted, state of the art laboratory for the study of orthopedic injury and disease.


Areas in the laboratory are dedicated to various kinds of testing including microstructure, gene expression, cell/tissue culture, mechanical properties and motion analysis.


The wide range of research in the LECOR supports a variety of opportunities for graduate students and research trainees at all levels. 


Fellow researchers, students and visiting scientists are always welcome.

PhD opportunity in the Laboratory for Equine and Comparative Orthopedic Research: The LECOR has openings for graduate students working toward the PhD degree. We work on a range of comparative orthopedic projects including animal locomotion, stem cell research, bone histology, medical device design, and 3D modeling. Potential graduate students with diverse backgrounds in biology, engineering, computer science and molecular biology are encouraged to apply. Evaluation techniques include cellular molecular, genetic (RNA and DNA) and compositional analysis, histology, cell culture, biomechanical testing, kinetics, and kinematics. Additionally, design and implementation of medical devices is a key focus in the laboratory. Email Dr. Lopez for more information (include your research interests and CV) at

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