Undergraduate Research Opportunities


President’s Future Leaders in Research (PFLR) offers undergraduates a unique opportunity to conduct research early in their college career.


PFLR is a program for which the top incoming freshman can elect to work as an undergraduate researcher in lieu of a traditional campus job. Students work side-by-side with professors in a research setting, such as a laboratory or in the field, and learn what a career in their chosen field may be like. PFLR students carry their own funds, so the mentor does not need to pay the stipend. Most students stay with the same mentor for four years. However, if the student or the faculty member requests a change, there is no problem.


View a complete list of undergraduate mentors and their areas of interest.


In order to qualify, a student must receive either the President’s Alumni Scholarship, the LSU Alumni Scholarship, or the LSU Distinguished Freshman award. Students receive $1,550 per year for four years, (or $775 per semester for eight semesters). All students must be full time, not on probation, and have a 2.0 overall gpa.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Elizabeth Cadarette at eantol1@lsu.edu.