Biological Safety Laboratory - Level 3

This facility (approximately 1,200 sq.ft.) is available for multiple faculty use and is managed by the LSU SVM Biosafety Committee and LSU Biosafety Office. Renovated in 2009, it is a fully equipped and self-contained laboratory suitable to conduct high containment infection experiments In vitro, with small animals (ABSL-3), and in arthropod vectors (ACL-3). The suite contains two class 11 B2 and one class 11 A2 biological safety cabinets, two glove boxes, two environmental chambers, two animal microisolator units with individual cage HEPA filtered supply and exhaust air, two dual-chamber C02 incubators, centrifuges (including an ultra-speed), bright field and inverted microscopes, water baths, refrigerators, freezers, balance, pH meter and computer. The laboratory is certified and registered with the CDC and USDA for select agent work. As such, all users must complete a biological safety and security training program and clear a background check before being authorized to use the facility.”